What to Plant in November, Both Inside AND Outside!

Wondering what to plant in November? Or are you convinced that cold, dreary days mean the end to your gardening addiction? While it is true that most gardening comes to an abrupt halt once the chilly days and near-freezing nights of fall roll around, there are still a few things you can plant in November if you want to try your hand at fall gardening.   What to Plant in November Some of these fall garden plants should be grown inside but others can be sowed out in the ground to ensure an early spring crop of food as soon as the … [Read more...]

8 Plants that Bloom in Winter Perfect for Your Back Yard!

In most areas of the country, winter is rather dreary. A look out your window usually shows a collection of grays, browns, tans and other drab colors. Maybe your yard is blanketed with white snow and the sun is hidden by a thick blanket of clouds. It's a far cry from the reds, yellows and greens that we see during the spring and summer. However, winter doesn't have to be completely without color. There are many plants that bloom in winter that can add vibrant colors to your back yard. Winter plants can perk up your spirits on an … [Read more...]

Fall Vegetable Gardening: 5 Things To Plant Now and Preparing Your Garden for Fall

You probably look outside and see an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers in your summer garden. However, September is fast approaching and we need to start thinking about fall vegetable gardening in the next few weeks. A fall garden needs to be prepared just like any other season. You need to clean out dead plants, fertilize the soil, and decide what to plant for maximum yield. What chores should you put on your to-do list this week? And what should you plant in the fall? You will only achieve a bountiful fall harvest with a properly … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Lemon Balm When it Takes Over Your Garden!

Several years ago I decided I wanted to grow lemon balm. Great idea, right? Well, now I am constantly looking for new uses for lemon balm because the stuff is growing like a weed and taking over the back of my house. Seriously. Why can't I get my cucumbers and squash to grow like this? Growing lemon balm might have been a great idea but it requires near-daily maintenance to make sure it stays where I put it. If you have a ton of lemon balm in your own yard, here are a few things I have found so far to do with it. Creative Uses for … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Eucalyptus Leaves for Home and Health

I have a serious problem. One that has me looking for uses for eucalyptus leaves and considering buying a koala bear. What is this problem I speak of? Well, I can't seem to go into a garden nursery without buying every weird plant that I come across! Seriously. One year I bought tarragon even though we had never used tarragon before. And apparently it is a perennial and now I have enough tarragon to outfit a small nation. Last year I bought a eucalyptus plant and now I am wondering what to do with eucalyptus leaves. Because apparently this … [Read more...]

Tarragon Vinegar Recipe and 5 Other Uses for Tarragon

Several years ago,  I was strolling through the garden center and I stumbled across a tarragon plant in the herb section. This is not an herb I have ever used a lot of and I had no idea what uses for tarragon I might come across but I bought a plant for the backyard herb garden. Little did I know that tarragon would THRIVE in my backyard! I never researched how to grow tarragon...I just stuck it in the dirt and lucked out. And wouldn't you know it but tarragon is a perennial here in the south. It gets bigger every year! I have given some to … [Read more...]

Cheap and Natural Organic Gardening Solutions for Frugal Gardening!

With the arrival of spring, I will soon be putting some of my favorite organic gardening solutions to work outside. After the long and dreary winter,  I am ready for spring to finally arrive. Okay, Atlanta got a whopping total of about 1 inch of snow this winter but hey, it totally freaked out the southerners! The temps are on the rise and the ground is almost ready for planting. I hope you will join me on my edible gardening adventure this year with these frugal gardening tips! Cheap and Natural Organic Gardening Solutions In preparation … [Read more...]

Tips for a Healthy and Productive Spring Garden

Is spring showing signs of sprouting? Are you looking for tips for a healthy and productive spring garden? Maybe I can help! Winter is pretty much gone here in Georgia. My little garden beds lay empty (or full of now dead plants!) and they are just waiting for me to show them a little bit of love. While my kids are having daydreams of more snowmen and hot chocolate,  I am having dreams of my upcoming spring garden. I am tired of being cold and am looking forward to being able to go out to my yard and play in the dirt again! Tips for a … [Read more...]

Essential Gardening Supplies for Home Gardeners

Over the past few weeks I have been teased with a few warm and sunny days. I head out and turn the soil, mentally planning what will go in each bed. Time is spent browsing online sites for essential gardening supplies and drooling over the plants already at my garden centers. I KNOW I can't plant for another month but the suspense is killing me! Since Mother Nature is just waiting for me to plant in order to send me an ice storm, I am making good use of my time by making sure I have the best gardening tools for home gardeners ready to … [Read more...]

Winter Bird Feeding Tips for Happy and Healthy Backyard Birds

Looking for a few winter bird feeding tips to attract your feathered friends? Feeding birds in fall and winter can be a bit more work than just throwing out a bit of seed for them like you do in the spring. Winter is hard for all backyard birds and providing them with winter bird seed can help make their lives a tad bit easier. Backyard bird feeding during the fall and winter will usually attract a whole different variety of birds to your yard than you do during the spring. Since most birds fly south during the colder weather, you may very well … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Wondering how to prepare your garden for winter? If your garden has been under as much stress this summer as mine has been, it's ready for a long nap! Bugs, heat, drought and an assortment of other things have really stressed out my garden this year. By pampering my garden beds this winter, I am hoping that next spring I will have soil that is raring to go and ready to provide me with a few delicious ingredients for my kitchen. You can still do a bit of November gardening but it is getting time to hunker down for a long cold … [Read more...]

Growing Your Own Garlic Starts in the Fall!

The last time I was at my local farmer's market, I noticed that there were huge heads of elephant garlic for sale. I bought several of them since we use so much of it in our daily cooking. The farmer said that the garlic was not only great for eating but also for growing your own garlic right in the garden. I tried growing garlic a few years ago along with several other cool weather crops but never got it to grow very big. I'm hoping that I can plant my own garlic again this year with better luck and save myself some money at the grocery … [Read more...]

10 Summer Garden Projects You Need to do NOW!

I know it's incredibly hot out there but there are a ton of summer garden projects that could be done this month! Each season has its own garden chores to tackle. Spring means getting the soil ready and planting. Fall is the season to harvest the last of the summer produce and clean up the garden beds. And summer...the summer garden offers a LOT of opportunities to get your hands dirty! If you are wondering what sort of summer garden projects to tackle this month, here is a list of things to add to your to do list! This post contains … [Read more...]

Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

With the heat of summer in full force and lots of regular rainfall, our grass is growing incredibly fast. I have started looking for a few grass cutting tips to keep our lawn as healthy as possible. Without a healthy lawn, the constant downpours cause erosion in my backyard. The grass also keeps the dog from tracking in dirt regularly so proper lawn care is essential. I don't like to add a lot of chemicals to my lawn and always look for natural lawn care tips first to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. If you are passionate about having … [Read more...]

Mint Growing Tips and 5 Uses for Fresh Mint When it Takes Over the Garden

Many years ago, my husband and I started growing mint in the back yard. I thought I would share a few mint growing tips with you because this stuff is incredibly useful to have around! Over the last few years, I have found some really creative uses for fresh mint to try to use it all up. You really don't  need much of a green thumb to get started growing your own mint. In fact, once you put the plant in the ground, you will probably find that it takes over the garden bed quite easily! But, for those of you without a green thumb, I thought I … [Read more...]

Square Foot Gardening Tips for Maximum Yield

Growing more food in less space is the wave of future gardening. Using the square foot gardening method is simple and allows for maximum produce yield in minimal space. This gardening technique also enhances produce flavor, reduces water usage and reduces the amount of work for the home gardener. Utilize these square foot gardening tips for maximum yield in your home garden this growing season and enjoy a bountiful harvest. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link on this site, we receive a small … [Read more...]

Vine Growing Tips for Your Garden Landscape

My husband and I have some rather ambitious plans for the backyard next year. There is a tree that needs to come down and in its place, we are considering some sort of wooden structure covered with vines to provide a shaded seating area. I have started reading up on vine growing tips so that I know what I want to plant and how to ensure that they don't take over the rest of the yard. Have you considered adding vines into your landscaping? They can be used in a variety of different ways throughout the yard and can help create a striking visual … [Read more...]

Best Natural Weed Control and a New Way to Look at Weeds!

I have been spending quite a bit of time out in the yard for the last few weeks now that spring is finally here. The grass is growing like gangbusters, the garden plants are in their beds and there are tons of projects that need tending to. One thing that I absolutely HATE doing is dealing with weeds. Of course, since I refuse to spray them all with chemicals,  I am left searching for the best natural weed control methods I can find. This usually involve pulling them out by hand and swearing a lot! It's hard work but it does work! This … [Read more...]

How to Keep Snails out of the Garden

For years, I have grown rhubarb in my backyard. And for just as long, I have been fighting a snail problem in my garden. Seriously...I don't know what it is about rhubarb that seems to draw snails like flies to honey! I have been trying to figure out how to keep snails out of the garden so that I can actually EAT the produce that I spend time growing. Between the snails and the earwigs, I am getting really sick of bugs! If you are battling a snail problem in your own garden, here are a few simple ways to keep them under control this … [Read more...]