Hiking in Georgia: Exploring the Chenocetah Fire Tower and Lake Russell in Cornelia

Hiking in Georgia can be an amazing way to spend an afternoon. You get to escape the chaos of Atlanta and get back to nature. At the same time, you can get an amazing workout and burn a whole bunch of calories. I'm a huge fan of combining exercise and nature! Georgia hiking trips that we have been on so far have ranged from hot, dry trails to wet, woodsy areas loaded with gorgeous Georgia waterfalls. I must admit, my husband and I are often drawn back to the hiking trails of the North Georgia Mountains when we want to escape for the afternoon. … [Read more...]

Stand Up Paddleboarding at Morgan Falls Overlook Park

In an effort to squeeze just a few more fun outings from our summer, we decided to head out this weekend on an outdoor adventure. My husband's co worker had done some stand up paddleboarding at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs, Georgia (a northern metro Atlanta city) so we decided to give that a try. If you aren't familiar with stand up paddle boarding, it is sort of a cross between kayaking and surfing. You are standing on a board with one oar in your hand that you use to navigate your way around a lake or slow moving river. It was … [Read more...]

Callaway Gardens is a Beautiful Georgia Destination for Nature Lovers

This week is spring break for my kids and my husband took a few days off from work so we could spend time together as a family  We decided to visit a few local destinations rather than try to plan a long distance vacation. Time and money are tight right now and a 'staycation' is much simpler and cheaper! One place I have been wanting to visit for years is Callaway Gardens. Since spring is in full bloom here in Georgia right now, I figured now would be the best time to visit. So, I loaded up on allergy medications, water and snacks and headed … [Read more...]

Camping in Georgia: Watson Mill Bridge State Park

My family has always been a huge fan of camping. A couple of days spent in the woods with no distractions from televisions, phones, video games or household responsibilities can be very relaxing. I am also a firm believer in the fact that children will never come to truly appreciate nature if they are not actually exposed to it occasionally! Last week was my children's spring break from school so we decided to pack up the gear and head into the woods. April is the ideal time to go camping in Georgia because if you wait much later and go during … [Read more...]

Hotels in Savannah and Kid Friendly Things to Do There!

This post about hotels in Savannah and kid friendly things to do there has been sponsored. I received a discounted stay at the Riverstreet Inn during my travel in exchange for this post.Over the summer my family and I decided it was time for a family vacation. We don't get to travel together very often due to both time and finances so we wanted to find someplace fun that the kids would really enjoy. Of course, we also wanted it to be relatively local so we didn't have to fly! Our last trip to Savannah was about 12 years ago and we had such … [Read more...]