Mental Health and Teens: Does Your Child Need Counseling?

This post about counseling, mental health and teens has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own.As the mom of two teens, I worry about the amount of stress in their lives.  Grades, social media, and societal expectations create a huge amount of angst in kids who's hormone levels are fluctuating like mad. Our community, like many in the US, has been shocked by teen suicide, gun violence, and other events that may be the result of extreme stress. Mental health and teens is a topic that needs to be addressed more often and … [Read more...]

Stress and Nutrition: Improve Childhood Mental Health With Nutritious Food

This post about stress and nutrition is in partnership with, an initiative of the Center for Youth Wellness.  All opinions are my own.   Food plays a critical role in our lives.  It not only nourishes our bodies, but also fuels our minds and brings us together with friends and family. Of course, we know how food affects our bodies: Nutritious foods keep us healthy and energized. Eating too much junk food often causes our bodies to put on excess weight and our arteries to get clogged.  It's the same with … [Read more...]

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Effects on Mental Health

This post is in partnership with, an initiative of the Center for Youth Wellness.  All opinions are my own.I was very lucky as a child that I came from a home with very little stress.  Sure, there was arguing over grades or limits that my sister and I didn't like.  We argued with our parents like most kids probably do. But I had two loving and capable parents present every day, and that shaped how I raise my own kids.  I know that not all children are as lucky as I was and as lucky as I think my own kids are. And those … [Read more...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Turning the Clock Back

Every year around this time I get a surge in traffic from people searching for information about turning the clock back. No, they aren't looking for my blog (darnit!) but they are looking for information about when to change their clocks. This year, the clocks “fall back” November 5, 2018 which means that there will be less day light. That's a bummer for people who seem to really need lots of sunlight to function at 100%.  Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing.  It is often known as the winter blues or winter depression and affects … [Read more...]