Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom lovers rejoice! These vegetarian stuffed mushrooms are loaded with flavor! An easy meatless appetizer recipe for your next get together!      Do you need to wash mushrooms before cooking them? Before you start making your stuffed mushrooms, you need to clean your mushrooms, right?  But, how do you clean mushrooms?  Mushrooms absorb water, so rinse them right before slicing them. Be careful not to wash them until you really need them or they will turn slimy.     Cooking with … [Read more...]

Design a healthier meal with Mushrooms

If you are looking to serve your family a healthier meal, consider mushrooms! Mushrooms are not only a great way to join the Meatless Monday¬†food movement but they also help you cut back on the amount of meat you eat in one sitting.Join¬†The Mushroom Council for a Healthier Meal I have a wonderful local farmer that raises grass fed cows and heritage pigs. It is nice that the animals are raised in a natural environment and are well cared for but it is NOT cheap to provide this type of meat for my family. To compensate for the cost, we … [Read more...]