8 Foods You Should Eat Raw for Better Health

While most foods we eat on a day to day basis need to be cooked, there are many foods you should eat raw. In some foods, cooking actually destroys nutrients and enzymes that are vital for better health. If you are looking for easy raw recipes, start with my blueberry salsa recipe. Then, check out these 8 foods that are actually MORE nutritious for you when eaten raw .Common Foods to Eat Raw: The most common foods to eat raw by people following a strict raw food diet are the following:All fresh fruits. All raw vegetables. … [Read more...]

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People is a good book for someone just starting out in the kitchen who wants to follow a raw food diet. It would also be good for someone who may just want to include some raw food recipes into their diet as a way to improve their health.Title: Raw Food Made Easy Subtitle: For 1 or 2 People Author: Jennifer Cornbleet ISBN: 978-1-57067-175-3 Genre: cookbook Publisher: Book Publishing Company Pages: 185 (paperback) Buy This Raw Food Cookbook on AmazonAbout Raw Food Made EasyWell Known Chicago … [Read more...]