Homemade Soda: Grape, Pear and Honey natural soda #recipe

I have been trying hard to kick the soda habit and am down to a once a week Diet Coke when I am at work. Not that I have cut soda out of my diet completely...oh NO! I am far too addicted to that sweet and fizzy goodness! However, I have transitioned from artificial ickiness to homemade goodness! I love my Soda Stream but if you don't have one you can buy the seltzer water at the grocery store for this recipe. I got the recipe from The Artisan Soda Workshop: 75 Homemade Recipes from Fountain Classics to Rhubarb Basil, Sea Salt Lime, Cold-Brew … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday #Recipe: Fettuccine with Chardonnay Sauce and Fresh Broccoli (#vegan)

My husband and I are trying to reduce the amount of meat our family eats and have started participating in the Meatless Monday movement to find new recipes. Reducing your meat consumption is good for the environment, your health AND your wallet! While I find it relatively easy to find vegetarian meals, most use an awful lot of cheese. Come check out my recipe on the SC Johnson Greener Choices blog for a  pasta dish that uses cashews as the base of it's creamy sauce! Absolutely delicious!Easy Meatless Monday Recipe Disclaimer:  I am … [Read more...]

Creamy, Cheesy Chicken and Vegetables over Rice #Recipe

Many years ago, when I first moved out into my own apartment, my older sister sent me a few simple hand written recipes that she thought I could handle making on my own. I guess she was worried that I would starve to death without my mom around to cook for me. This was one of the recipes she sent me. Over the years I have played with it...adding spices and substituting one thing for another and this is the end result. A creamy, cheesy chicken and vegetable creation that is served over rice. Easy, delicious and something my whole family loves. … [Read more...]

Grilled Cheese #Recipe: Turkey and Brie with Apricot

In our house, soup and sandwiches are a perfectly acceptable dinner. Once of our favorite sandwiches to have for dinner is the classic grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is comfort food...warm and gooey and reminding me of my childhood. Back then, grilled cheese consisted of 2 pieces of white bread with good old Velveeta cheese melted inside. Tasty, yes, but not exactly awe inspiring. I was recently sent a copy of the cookbook 150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to review and was thrilled with the selection of exotic grilled cheese recipes to choose … [Read more...]

Zucchini Oven Chips with Parmesan Cheese (#lowfat #recipe)

I absolutely love zucchini, however my family hates it with a passion. I have tried making it a ton of different ways but the only way so far that it is tolerated is if I hide it in a quick bread or fritter. I am always on the lookout for new ways to make zucchini on the off chance that I will hit paydirt with a well loved recipe. I was recently sent the cookbook America's Favorite Food: 200 top-rated recipes from the country's best magazines  and one of the recipes looked like something my family might enjoy. These were really simple to make … [Read more...]

#Recipe: Chocolate Adzuki Bars (#vegan cookies)

My husband is an avid runner and in the latest issue of Runner's World magazine there was an article that really caught his eye called "Eat Vegan and Run". It dealt with all sorts of issues regarding the proper nutrition of vegan athletes. Since we are always looking for ways to eat healthier and include less animal products in our diet he decided to whip up a batch of these healthy cookies while I was at work the other night. Please Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link on this site, we receive a … [Read more...]

Homemade Pesto Recipe with Your Fresh Garden Basil!

Well, I finally harvested the garden basil. I have been snipping buds off it for several weeks to force more growth into the leaves but the plant was getting HUGE. I snipped off most of the branches about 3/4 of the way down the stalk but left some of the plant to continue growing. Since I have so much fresh garden basil, I decided to make a homemade pesto recipe this week!What is Pesto? The original pesto recipe was made with basil, coarse salt, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts (sometimes toasted) and grated cheese like … [Read more...]

Blueberry Salsa Recipe for Healthier Snacking!

We are in the height of blueberry season here in Georgia and this blueberry salsa recipe is the perfect way to celebrate!. I have been getting some off my bushes this year. (whatever the birds leave me!) I am also finding North Carolina blueberries at 2 pints for $3.00 so I have been stocking up. Freezing blueberries is very easy. Just spread them out on a cookie sheet and set the entire sheet into the freezer overnight. Once the berries are frozen, just dump them into a plastic freezer bag or other freezer safe container and they will last for … [Read more...]

Easy Skillet Spaghetti Pizza

This easy skillet spaghetti pizza is a big hit here in this house.  It takes only one pan and about 30 minutes to make which makes it a hit with mommy, too! This is the perfect weeknight meal if you are in a hurry to feed your family.  Make it vegetarian for Meatless Monday if you want, or add sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, etc.  Fresh herbs are a huge plus, however, you can used dried herbs as well.  If you grow your own herbs in the summer, check out my post on how to preserve fresh herbs for use all year long!Tips … [Read more...]

Have too many eggs? Make kaiserschmarrns!

I bet you are wondering what in the world a kaiserschmarrn is, huh? Well, the simple answer is somewhere between a crepe and a pancake. The origins are somewhere in the Austrian/German/Hungarian/Bavarian region. There are a ton of recipes and variations, I got this one from a girl I used to work with that was from Germany. It is quite often thought of as a desert but we eat ours for breakfast. Or, as we often like to do, breakfast for dinner! Here is our recipe...it is my daughter's favorite food of all time! I find you get one kaiserschmarrn … [Read more...]

Sausage in Sawmill Gravy (a traditional southern recipe)

Okay, I am not a Southerner but this sausage in sawmill gravy is one of my favorite foods ever! I grew up in Connecticut with New England baked beans and pot roast. I was a little hesitant when my husband first suggested sausage in sawmill gravy but I had lots of fresh ground sausage that we had bought at a local farm and thought, why not? Especially since HE was going to make it! I'm not one to turn down the opportunity to NOT cook dinner! We have made it dozens of times in the last couple of years and it is easy to make and a traditional … [Read more...]

Easy Kolache Recipe for a Sweet OR Savory Treat!

When my husband and I moved to Texas, we discovered a delicious treat called kolaches and instantly fell in love. What are kolaches? Picture a sweet yeast type roll stuffed with the filling of your choice...eggs and cheese for breakfast, pepperoni and sauce with mozzarella for lunch, sausage and jalapenos for a little kick! You can also top your homemade kolaches recipe with a fruit filling for a sweet breakfast or dessert treat. This kolache recipe is easy and we made it a family affair. I am all for families cooking together. And helping to … [Read more...]