What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles After Your Favorite Scent Is Gone

A few years ago I got onto a bit of a perfume kick. I wear it almost every day and love picking out new scents from some rather nice natural perfume shops. Well, they are slowly running out and now I find myself wondering what to do with empty perfume bottles now that the perfume is gone.  I admit, I don't want to smell like the same thing every day.  I choose my perfume based on my mood, the weather or the outfit I am wearing.  That means I have lots of different pretty bottles in my cabinet.  So, now that I am gathering a collection of empty … [Read more...]

10 Uses for Wood Ash When Your Campfire is Finished!

Do you know what my all time favorite thing about fall is?  Outdoor fires in our fire pit.  Not only is it a great way to get rid of some of our yard trimmings, it's a wonderful excuse to pour a glass of wine and just enjoy the crisp, fall air.   After you roast marshmallows and toss acorns into the fire, eventually the wood burns up and the campfire dies off.  Ever wonder if there an any uses for wood ash instead of just throwing it away? There are a ton of useful ways to use wood ash once they are cooled off.  Here are just a few things to do … [Read more...]

How to Recycle Household Items That are Creating Clutter in Your House!

Wondering where to start decluttering your home?  First, learn how to recycle household items and reduce your carbon footprint as you clean! I bet you have stuff tucked into every corner and every drawer of your house that you no longer need, right?  Sneakers that your kid outgrew, paint that you no longer need because your living room is no longer yellow....all that stuff takes up space.  If you are anything like me, you like to tuck things away for safe keeping 'in case you need it one day'.  Am I right?  I do that all the time.  Then I open … [Read more...]

10 Uses for Egg Cartons Once You Eat All the Eggs!

Do you eat a lot of eggs in your house? Are you looking for creative uses for egg cartons around the house? You have come to the right place! Breakfast for dinner is a huge hit in my house (thankfully!) and omelets, quiche, and breakfast casseroles are all quick weeknight meals that everyone enjoys. Of course, that means I am left with an awful lot of egg cartons at the end of the month! As I strive to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, I came up with a few creative ways to reuse cardboard egg cartons before tossing them into the … [Read more...]

How to Mend Socks and Ways to Reuse Them When You Can’t

Have you ever looked at your feet and wondered how to mend socks? I can't sew...my proficiency with a needle and thread ends at putting a button back on a shirt.  I find this very sad and one day, when I am graced with much more free time than I have now, I would like to learn how to mend socks.  My grandmother used to make my clothes when I was little in addition to the baby blankets that my children are still using today.  She made her own dish rags, rugs, and was proficient at mending socks as well.  Mending socks is a lost art.  Sure, there … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Waste at Home and the Tom’s of Maine #LessWasteChallenge

These tips on how to reduce waste at home are part of a sponsored conversation with Tom's of Maine.  All opinions are my own.With the growing amount of trash filling up our landfills, learning how to reduce waste at home should be a key factor in your quest for green living. In my own home, we recycle just about everything we can.  This is made easier by the county through curbside recycling.  However, there are always events in the community that don't offer recycling and it frustrates me.  I see vendors selling bottled water and plenty of … [Read more...]

Zero Waste Living: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

When my husband was in graduate school, I worked at a job that paid...well, let's just say it didn't pay very much at all!  We ate a lot of ramen noodles during those years.  Since the graduate schools had a constant turnover of people coming in and out, there were always friends (or random strangers) who begged the use of our truck to help haul stuff.  In exchange, we were often gifted with things that were no longer wanted by their owners...mismatched plates, chipped mugs, lamps with crooked shades, etc.  We were thrilled!  We didn't have a … [Read more...]

Creative Stuffed Animal Recycling Tips

Have you ever wondered whether stuffed animal recycling was possible? When my children were young, they had so many stuffed animals that they could barely be contained in toy boxes anymore.  I kept trying to get them to let a few of them go to the thrift store but they would get all emotional and have a nervous breakdown.  Seriously...do you even know where you GOT that stuffed cat that you are clinging to with tears in your eyes?  NO!  Hand it over, kid! Stuffed animal recycling is something I had never really considered before but now that … [Read more...]

Do You Recycle Batteries? 5 Things You Should Know.

The last time you grabbed the remote control to change the batteries, I bet you asked yourself 'Do you recycle batteries?'  When you look at the number of electronic gadgets, toys, and household items that require batteries, it's staggering the number of these things that we dispose of every year.  What's in those magical little creators of energy?  Is it safe to toss into the trash can?  Will it leach toxic chemicals into our groundwater once it hits the landfill?  There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to figure out how to dispose … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Decluttering: What to do with old books

Books are the one thing that I don't mind spending money on but after a while, the bookshelves just get a bit too full.  As  I look around my house deciding what areas to declutter, I find myself wondering what to do with old books.  There are only so many shelves on my bookcase, right?  But I would never throw away a book...that just seems like sacrilege!  Do you remember when Borders Bookstores started having financial trouble and they began closing stores?  There was a huge backlash against the company when it was discovered that … [Read more...]

How to Recycle Gift Cards and Other Creative Re-purposing Ideas

How Many Gift Cards Does It Take to make 9000 tons of plastic?  Last week I headed over to my local Barnes & Noble book store to buy all of my children's teachers a small gift card in appreciation of all their hard work this year.  There are a lot of teachers...and music instructors and Girl Scout leaders and a bus driver to buy for so I ended up with quite a stack of gift cards and a very large bill.  But, I really wanted to say thank you and since I don't know what they actually want or need, a gift card is the perfect gift, right?  Well, … [Read more...]

Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft and an Upcycled Garden Craft Roundup

When my son was younger, he was one of those kids that picked up EVERYTHING he found.  He would come home from the park with 7 acorns, 4 rocks and a pine cone stuck in his pocket.  We would go for a walk and come home with an assortment of what we called 'little things' that he had discovered on the ground.  For some reason, golf balls were a common find on our journeys.  I have no idea why...we don't live near a golf course!  But, whatever was too big to go in his pocket (and end up in the washing machine) went onto a shelf in the garage.  … [Read more...]

16 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Muffin Tins

As I struggle to declutter my kitchen, I find myself hesitating to get rid of a few things.  One of the items I can't bring myself to toss out is my grandmother's set of old muffin tins.  They are dark with age but have sentimental value and I just can't send them off to Goodwill.  Of course, I have a set of rather nice muffin tins that I acquired at some point in my marriage.  So, the bottom line is...I have WAY too many muffin tins in my house.  Especially since I don't bake all that many muffins! So, I find myself wondering what I can do … [Read more...]

How to Repurpose Old Wooden Spoons Instead of Throwing Them Away!

For the last few weeks, I have been purging my home of everything that is too old, unneeded, broken, or just plane not useful. It has not been a small undertaking...clutter seems to lurk in every nook and cranny these days.  The hardest part of decluttering your home is to figure out what you need and what you don't.  If you haven't used it in three years, it is pretty obvious that you don't need it, right?  But what about things you use every day that are showing their wear and really need to be replaced. Do you keep the old ones 'just in … [Read more...]

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose old Magazines

Once a year my daughter comes home with a magazine sales flyer as a fund raiser for school.  I truly detest those fund raisers but feel I need to do my part to help support the school.  I therefor buy exactly ONE magazine from her every year.  But somehow, my name is on some list where I randomly get free magazines in the mail every week.  And I don't know who the heck they think I am but I don't need a skiing magazine in Georgia, nor am I interested in the latest celebrity gossip.  If someone knows how to get my name OFF this random magazine … [Read more...]

15 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs

One of my goals in the new year is to find ways to reuse things I have around my house.  Since my daughter has a near obsession with milk, the one thing I am always recycling is plastic milk jugs.  There are days I think I would be better off just buying my own cow but until my home owners association is willing to overlook livestock in the back yard, I am stuck buying milk in jugs from the store.  I decided to start doing a bit of research on creative ways to reuse plastic milk jugs.  If I could keep just one or two out of my recycling bin a … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Jar Lids for an Upcycled Valentine’s Day Treat Jar

Valentine's Day isn't really a huge deal in my house.  I don't have small children and my teenagers think the holiday is a bit cheesy right now.  My husband and I are not particularly the 'romantic' sort of couple.  There is no flashy jewelry, trips to the spa or exotic vacations in store for us on Valentine's Day.  But, I still want to do something simple for my husband to let him know I love him. He is, of course, the guy that kills cockroaches and unclogs drains.  He deserves a little something special now and then! These decorative jar lids … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Toothbrushes

I am slightly anal retentive about getting all of us to the dentist twice a year.  Of course at each of these dentist appointments we get a free toothbrush to take home with us.  That means 8 old toothbrushes need to find new uses every single year.  On top of that, I tend to replace toothbrushes randomly when they are looking particularly worn or someone has a nasty cold or strep throat.  I am always looking at those old toothbrushes and wondering what in the world I can do with them besides throw them in the trash can.  I have seen … [Read more...]

Disposable Appliances: Bad for Budgets AND the Environment #TATT

When my husband and I moved into this house 10 years ago we had to buy all new appliances.  The people buying OUR house wanted to keep them all so we had some serious shopping to do.  Of course, since we bought all of the appliances at the exact same time, logic suggests that they would probably die at the same time, too, right?  Well, unfortunately for our budget, they all decided to die last month.  When the dryer stopped heating and the refrigerator and dishwasher started leaking I did what everyone would do and called out an appliance … [Read more...]