How to Reduce Plastic Usage for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

This post about how to reduce plastic usage has been sponsored by Footprint.  All opinions are my own.   Whether it's part of your running shoe or that disposable straw you throw in the trashcan, plastic is a huge part of today's society.  While it serves a useful purpose in some areas, single-use plastics are one of the biggest problems with regards to our environment.  Plastic waste is harming the planet in countless ways. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to reduce plastic usage and minimize the amount that eventually … [Read more...]

Sustainable Wine Tips and the Solar Winery Trend

Have you ever considered the ecological footprint of the wine in your glass during happy hour? Many large-scale wineries strain the environment through their use of chemical pesticides and high water consumption. If you are an environmentally conscious wine lover, it's not always easy to find sustainable wines.  As the awareness spreads, however, organic farming methods and solar wineries are starting to reduce the carbon footprint of many wines.I thought I'd share some information about the solar winery trend in case you want to keep … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t We Eating Asian Carp?

Have you ever tried eating Asian carp?  Probably not! But have you ever asked yourself WHY? For those of you with young kids, you might be familiar with a book series by Lauren Child that stars brother and sister Charlie and Lola. The book  I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato was one of my children's favorites when they were little. I must admit, it is pretty high on my list of awesome kid's books as well!The entire book is all about the things that Lola WON'T eat...until carrots become orange twiglets from Jupiter and mashed … [Read more...]