Avengers Augmented Reality and Family Fun Night! #MarvelAvengersWMT

This past summer, my son got invited to a friend's birthday party. The boys were going to go see The Avengers in the theater and my husband quickly decided that he was going to tag along as well! He absolutely loves superhero type movies...why should the kids be the only ones who get to have fun, right? He and Drew absolutely loved the Avengers movie so when I got the chance to try out the Avengers Augmented Reality App for the #MarvelAvengersWMT campaign with Collective Bias I knew this was one I could really get the whole family involved in! … [Read more...]

Elmer’s First Day App: Say Thankyou, Make a Donation and #BagItForward #Cbias

My children started school a few weeks ago and we are already up and running with a ton of school work. This is my last year having a child in the elementary school and it makes me a little bit sad! I have had a wonderful experience throughout the years at this particular school and will be sad not to be a part of the community there any more. We have loved all of my kids teachers but one in particular has really touched our hearts. Both my son and daughter had her for first grade and I firmly believe that she is the reason my kids both ended … [Read more...]