Zucchini Carrot Slaw and a Zucchini Recipe Collection

This zucchini recipe collection has been sponsored by Foodie.com but all opinions expressed here are my own.For years I have been struggling to grow zucchini and squash in my garden with almost no luck at all. Every year the dreaded squash bugs have destroyed my plants before I can actually get any zucchini from them. This year, I tried using 2 different organic approved pesticides in my garden out of sheer desperation and it seems like it may be working! I have managed to pick about 6 yellow squash so far this season and have tons of baby … [Read more...]

How to Freeze Zucchini

The other day, I went out to the garden and discovered two gigantic zucchini hiding under the leaves. Of course, I already have several zucchini in the refrigerator just waiting for me to make something delicious with it. During the summer it seems like everywhere I look I see tons of zucchini and it is incredibly cheap to buy. It makes sense to learn how to freeze zucchini so that when winter rolls around you can still be eating locally raised zucchini instead of vegetables imported from overseas. Once you learn how to freeze zucchini you will … [Read more...]

Zucchini and Parmesan Crescents Recipe

I absolutely love zucchini. I can't seem to grow it in my garden to save my life but thankfully it is incredibly abundant during the summer farmer's markets. My children and husband, however, dislike zucchini immensely. It drives me NUTS and I am constantly trying to find ways to sneak zucchini into my meals without a huge amount of complaining. Who doesn't like zucchini, right? Anyhow, I make a crab puff using pie crust and decided to see if I could create a zucchini puff instead. I made a few variations but my husband absolutely loved these … [Read more...]

Easy Spiced Zucchini Bread Recipe

Like most kids, mine don't always want to eat as many vegetables as I think they should. This easy spiced zucchini bread recipe is my way of hiding the veggies they don't want to eat inside a delicious bread recipe that they really love. Since zucchini is so plentiful here in the summer, I have learned how to freeze zucchini as well several other food preservation techniques. This zucchini bread uses coconut oil instead of traditional oil, which I think makes it a tad bit healthier.Tips for Making the Best Zucchini Bread Making … [Read more...]