The hunt for the wild hotdog

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As we sat by the fire last night grilling burgers, fries, and veggies I had to stop and wonder what this dinner would have looked like 200 years ago! No grocery store to shop at, no foil or fajita sauce…nothing that you did not hunt, kill, or forage for! I would have ended up very hungry and a few dozen pounds lighter!

Hmmmm…maybe that should be my new diet plan! I can only eat what I hunt and harvest myself! I’d be skinny in no time!

Stop and think about this: what is the last thing you cooked over an open fire? There is truly something amazing about the flavor of grilled food! Of course, I would have to be very hungry to eat squirrel and acorns!


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  1. Hah you do not cook acorns. You crack them & then grind the meal into a paste & add water & make a sort of flat bread that you cook over hot rocks 🙂

  2. only if I were a very talented squirrel 🙂

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