Tired of cheap fundraiser prizes?

Last Updated on October 8, 2018 by Diane Hoffmaster

I have 2 kids in a public elementary school. They are also in scouts and several other extracurricular activities. All of these programs require financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. Most of this financial assistance comes from fundraising of some sort. In order to pump kids up about fundraising, companies often offer ‘incentives’. These incentives usually come in the form of cheap trinkets that will break within minutes of getting them home! The items that are for sale in these fundraisers are usually very pricey for the quality of product you are buying. They also include a lot of things I don’t need or want…there are only so many rolls of wrapping paper a person can use in their lives! In the past few years, I have purchased scented candles that don’t actually smell, wrapping paper so thin you can see the gift underneath, and popcorn that is horribly overpriced! I would love to see more programs offering higher quality school fundraising ideas!
I would be much more willing to buy an item from a school fundraiser if it was something I was really going to use! With the economy as shaky as it is today, people are starting to look more closely at how they spend their dollars. In order to get people to participate and help you earn money for your school, you need to offer something that is worth the investment. Since tax dollars barely cover the basics in most districts, school fundraising is becoming an integral part of the budget! Schools certainly can’t ditch the fundraisers completely but they should definitely find new incentive programs to participate in!
Another problem I often encounter in fundraising is getting the kids motivated to get out there and sell. Like most kids, mine don’t really need more plastic water bottles or cheap toys. At home, I prefer to reward my kids with activities rather than stuff! I think kids would be much more likely to go out and sell if they were working towards something like a magic show or a fun water day event! Not only would the school benefit from the fundraiser but the kids would have an exciting event to look forward to!
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