We can’t go another day without a cure for cancer

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Many years ago, in my life before children, I worked for Texas Children’s Hospital doing cancer research that involved some rather alternative research techniques. While I found the science fascinating, the stories of the patients themselves tugged at my heart. It was so heartbreaking to see small children suffering through the rigors of cancer treatment. Like being diagnosed with cancer isn’t bad enough, the treatments are often harsh and difficult to endure.
There are a lot of innovative studies being done to help find cures for cancer. . The Gateway for Cancer Research SM, a not-for-profit organization that gives voice to the demand for cures, raised a record of more than $2 million for cancer research at its Cures 2011 fundraising gala last month. This year’s event was attended by more than 800 guests who helped raise an impressive 18-percent increase in funds over last year’s total. The Gateway’s goal is to fund the right kind of research to find cures quickly and save lives now. The Gateway is one of the few non-profits to demand a cure now for today’s cancer patients. It is also unique among cancer charities in that 99 cents of every dollar received goes directly to cancer research.

We believe the current “standard” of cancer research doesn’t work; instead, we focus our efforts on funding research by treatment innovators whose work takes into account the entire patient experience, or uses a multi-disciplinary approach. Successful Gateway-funded studies focus on innovative cancer treatments that can change the lives of patients. Every year we fund studies in many areas of cancer research, and in two decades we have raised more than $20 million for research.

The president of The Gateway for Cancer Research, Lynette Bisconti is a 13 year breast cancer survivor. Just two weeks after learning she was pregnant, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to become as educated as she could about her disease. She had an aggressive cancer that had spread to several lymph nodes and was advised to undergo chemotherapy and radiation and advised to terminate the pregnancy.

Instead, she found a facility whose philosophy includes a whole body approach to cancer care. On August 31, 1998, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Frankie and today, Lynette remains free of disease. In October 2008, Lynette became the President of The Gateway for Cancer Research, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to curing cancer through funding patient-centered clinical studies.

So, what is so special about The Gateway for Cancer Research? Ninety-nine cents of every dollar they raise goes directly to promising cancer research.  By donating your dollars to The Gateway for Cancer Research, you can rest assured that your donation is actually making it into the hands of the people working for a cure!

Since their beginning nearly 20 years ago, The Gateway for Cancer Research has sought better treatment options for cancer patients. They focus their efforts on funding research by treatment innovators that are taking into account the whole patient, quality of life, and innovative cancer treatments. In two decades they have raised more than $20 million for research.

There is a cure for cancer out there somewhere; we just need scientists to find it! These scientists and doctors need resources if they are going to continue their work. If you are interested in donating your dollars to The Gateway for Cancer Research, check out their donation page for more information!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of The Gateway for Cancer Research. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

6 thoughts on “We can’t go another day without a cure for cancer”

  1. I had a look at some of the treatment trials they are currently hoping to fund, and it’s interesting stuff. I can’t even read about children suffering from cancer without feeling weepy. I hope that some of these tests will lead to breakthroughs.

  2. I only wish our family could help with donations. Been a rough five years here. We have had several members of our family die young from Cancer, but none touched as a child. It is heartbreaking, but yes, donations of money and time give hope! Thanks for posting this!

  3. I so agree with you and am hopeful of the future. My mother-in-law has cancer, a friend of my sons from school has cancer, my Dad had prostate cancer. Too much cancer in this world!


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