Webkinz: A great addition to your child’s wish list!

Many years ago, my daughter brought home her very first Webkinz and was instantly hooked on these unique little stuffed animals.  What makes Webkinz so much fun?  Well, on each and every Webkinz there is a special code to enter into Webkinz World online!  When you register your Webkinz stuff animal,  your child gets to play games, decorate their pet’s virtual room, plant an online ‘garden’ and many other fun activities. Over the past several years my daughter has become something of a Webkinz addict!

webkinz collection

Our Webkinz Collection


My daughter’s friends are also big fans of Webkinz and they, too, have their own little virtual stuffed animal playgrounds on Webkinz World.  That means they get to interact with each other online, even on a rainy Saturday!  They will often send each other ‘mail’ on Webkinz World or send each other gifts like virtual toys, furniture or whatever else they can ‘buy’ with their Webkinz money.  My daughter earns her Webkinz money (which is totally PLAY money, NOT real!) by planting and harvesting her garden!  You should see how quickly that girl can pick strawberries online!  She also uses her Webkinz money to buy things for her pets to decorate their rooms.  As soon as she got her new Webkinz friend (which we thought was a rainbow platypus but is actually the Candy Googles) she logged in online to register and decorate it’s room with rainbows!



Emily started playing on Webkinz World several years ago and while newer online game type toys have come around since then, none have captured her heart like the Webkinz have.  She truly loves the stuffed animals, even without the online game idea but actually seeing her stuffed animal in it’s own online room is really a lot of fun for her.  She feels like she is somehow caring for it when she puts it into it’s virtual bed at night!

Of course, since I have TWO kids, my son decided many years ago that he, too, needed a collection of Webkinz.  While he is almost a teen now, he will NOT give up his stuffed animals at ALL.  When I received my package for review and their was a Webkinz Rockerz Dog in it, he claimed it for his own.  He plays guitar and felt if there was a rocking stuffed animal to be had, it should be HIS! I promised him that I would not post the picture of him with all his Webkinz on my blog…heaven forbid he loose that macho image!  Suffice it to say that BOTH my kids enjoyed their new Webkinz AND had fun playing in  Webkinz World online, too.

new webkinz

Webkinz is coming out with a new iPad App, too, so your child can enjoy Webkinz World even when you are on the go!  My daughter really loves taking over my iPad and the game is really a lot of fun!  Another way to enjoy Webkinz World is through their Facebook game.  It is similar to the regular Webkinz World site in that you wander around doing chores to earn money that you can then use to buy more ‘stuff’ for your Webkinz.  Both games were fun  for the kids.  My daughter likes to keep my up to date on her Webkinz projects:  “Mom, I harvested a ton of strawberries” or “Check out this cute hammock I bought for my Google”.  I admit, I am not sure *I* am quite as excited about her imaginary garden as she is but she is having fun so I am happy!


If you are looking for a fun gift to put under the tree this holiday, I would really recommend Webkinz stuffed toys.  My kids have enjoyed them for years and the online world and Facebook game are really fun, too. If you are looking to buy Webkinz, check out their store locator.  For updates, follow Webkinz onTwitter.

Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a product sample and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


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  1. My daughter and my niece used to love these toys. They're so cute.
  2. I know for sure that my daughter would really love these toys and she would love to play the online game. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
  3. These are so cute! I bought a Webkinz for my son and didn't know anything about the codes and using it online until a daughter of one of our friends told us about it. We gave it to her and she was so happy.
  4. My daughter just got her first Webkinz. Now I can't get my computer back from her ;)
  5. How adorable! That looks like fun even for grown ups!

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