What Mother’s Day memories have you and your family made?

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There are already commercials on TV and the radio reminding us that Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I made sure to remind my husband of this little fact over our morning coffee today. Knowing him, he would forget to get his mom a card and then ask why I didn’t tell him Mother’s Day was coming up! I married one of those men that can’t seem to read a calender! Am I hoping he remembers ME on Mother’s Day, too? Of course! A little bit of pampering is always nice once in a while. Do I expect diamonds and a Lexus like they are advertising on TV? No! All I really want is a day of rest and relaxation with my children and husband! Okay, I wouldn’t turn down a pretty candle or some nice smelling lotion but the memories I cherish most are the ones that cost the least.

 Mother’s Day

As a very practical type of woman, I have never really seen the need for store bought cards. They cost a fortune and the messages are always very generic. Every year, my kids make me Mother’s Day cards from scratch with their own pretty drawings and a message inside that comes right from the heart. I cherish those cards and always put them into the ‘special box’ to be looked at when I am old and grey to bring a smile to my face. Memories of my children, crayons in hand, offering me their precious creations will be remembered for ever. Along with the home made cards, the gifts that I remember most are the ones that capture their youth….a pretty frame with a special picture of them in it or a craft that they made.

 Mother’s Day

What Mothers Day gifts are at the top of your wish list this year? Are you hoping for a day at the spa or a day in the sandbox with your children? For Mother’s Day this year, eBay is celebrating creating new memories and remembering favorites from years past. They want to celebrate the heartwarming, funny, ridiculous, crazy or unbelievable memories that you have made over the years. 70% of the items found on eBay are new so it is a great place to find good deals on Mother’s Day gifts.! eBay has created a gift guide that helps buyers shop for this year…they even have an ecofriendly mom guide!

In support of their Mother’s Day efforts, eBay has launched several contests that celebrate Mom and give everyone a chance to win some awesome prizes. Here they are if you would like to enter: (All of these launch between April 18-May 13.)

You can also join eBay for a fun Mother’s Day Twitter Party on May 1 12-2pm PST. Details and RSVP here

I checked out the eBay Mother’s Day shopping website and found some really cute ideas that I would love to try out myself. Everything from Vera Bradley reusable bags to TOMS shoes and Pur Mineral makeup. Even some beautiful photo frames to capture those memories of your children for ever!

Here is a Mother’s Day message with a unique eBay twist. It’s a complicated relationship but sometimes everything that drives you crazy about your Mom is also what sometimes makes you love her even more!

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6 thoughts on “What Mother’s Day memories have you and your family made?”

  1. I have never seen the need for fancy cards for Mother’s Day either. I treasure the hand made ones that say they took the time to create something special for me.

  2. I love when my kids take the time to make my mother’s day present – it means so much more than something they take their dad shopping for…

  3. When I was around 9 years old I wrote a mother’s day poem with little drawings and sent it in to a local paper that was taking submissions for a mother’s day special. Mom loved it when I surprised her with the paper with my poem to her in it. 🙂 My mom actually passed away right before mother’s day in 2003 so the holiday has been a difficult one for me as an adult. These days, I just focus on the moms that are still with us, like grandmas.

  4. I love handmade gifts the most, especially when my daughter makes it for me 🙂 my husband unfortunately isn’t the most creative and usually just sticks with a card and flowers. I created a special tradition for him and I’m hoping he might take a few hints and skip the store bought and let it be something they make together, something from the heart. Even if it’s just lots of hugs and kisses 🙂


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