What YOU can actually do about #SOPA

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I am sure that by now you have heard all about SOPA and PIPA and the freedom of speech arguments that have been going on around the Internet. If not, head over to Wikipedia and you can check it out. And, YES, that ONE site on the English version of Wikipedia does work….everything else is blacked out in protest. An assortment of bloggers and websites have banded together to black out their sites to protest this pending legislation. Will this help? Who knows. As a relatively small blogger in a big pool I decided instead of blacking out my site to try and direct you to somewhere for you to take action. Head over to Stop American Censorship and sign the online petition. You can also head over and find your representative and write to them directly.

My personal take on the situation:  Yes, something needs to be done to ensure that copyrighted material is protected. No, this legislation is not the answer.


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