What’s the story with your child’s name?

When my husband was born almost 40 years ago, his mother graced him with the first name of Alex and a middle initial of R.  The R. doesn’t actually stand for anything…in actuality, his middle name is just R.  The next two kids she had were given a first name beginning with B and then C…and of course, the middle name of R.  When my husband and I decided to have kids he wanted to continue the tradition and the alphabetical trend and have our kids named with D and E names…and the R in the middle.  I really wanted an ACTUAL middle name so we compromised. ..the kids would be given middle names that STARTED with R but they would be actual names. 


Basically, when my first child was born, I was looking for baby name ideas that started with D for the first name and an R for the middle name.  It was kind of hard to find something I liked given these parameters!  I checked out books from the library, asked friends and family, and hunted the Internet for suggestions.  My dad’s name is Donald…I considered that but thought it was too old fashioned.  It seemed like so many of the ideas I came across just didn’t fit…too long,  too weird, too SOMETHING.  We finally settled on Drew, which was actually the most common boy’s name given to boys in the year he was born.  He has had quite a few Drews in his classes over the years!  We went through the same process trying to come up with a name for my daughter 2 years later that started with E.  Back to the books,  surveys among friends, and Internet searches. 

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Is there a story behind your child’s name?  Were you looking for a baby name that had a certain meaning?  Were your children named after family members or important historical or biblical figures?  Did you choose an ethnic name that came from your ancestral roots?  A name is something that is going to stick with a person for the entire life (at least, in theory!).  Where did you look when you were trying to find the perfect baby names?
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