10 Things Americans Waste Money On

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The hubby and I have been a little stressed out about money the last week or so. I guess we are probably not alone in that concern but with the possibility of a government shutdown heading our way, we are worried. As a government employee, if the feds don’t come up with a budget by next Friday he will be furloughed until they do…hence NO PAYCHECK! So, I decided to include this list I came across about the TOP 10 things Americans waste money on as an inspiration to myself to tighten the purse strings. (these are items that are considered unnecessary, not vital goods/services) Where is YOUR money going lately? Check out my post on healthy eating on a low budget for tips on getting your grocery bill down.

 10 Things Americans Waste Money On

 10 Things Americans Waste Money On

  • Apparel Products and Services (clothing rentals and storage, dry cleaning, jewelry, and watch repair)
  • Tobacco
    Entertainment Equipment and Services, Nonessential (bicycles, trailers, camping equipment)
  • Alcohol (okay, some days I think this is definitely REQUIRED!)
  • Fees and Admissions (sporting events, films, and concerts)
  • Lodging, Vacation Homes and Hotels
    Pets, Toys, Hobbies, and Playground Equipment (hey, the dog needs toys, right?)
  • Television, Radio, and Sound Equipment (okay, this one would be hard for me to give up!)
  • Gifts (I am bad at Christmas!)
  • Food Away From Home (I try and limit eating out to once a week or every 2 weeks, it’s hard!)

It is not always cheap to lead an ecofriendly life….organic food is expensive! Cutting costs in other areas is a necessity (at least in most households). Cooking from scratch and using coupons are great ways to save! Good luck and pray for a new federal budget so I can go pick up my organic, free range beef at the farm without too much guilt! If you want to save money, get yourself some budget software to help you figure out where your money is going.

Which of these 10 things Americans waste money on do YOU purchase regularly?

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