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Easy Ways to Thank the Military for Their Service

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, I wanted to share a few ways to thank the military for their service.  When I was growing up, my father was in the Naval Reserves.  Some of my earliest memories if him include those shiny shoes, formal navy uniform and that flat topped white hat with the black brim.  He always looked so handsome in that uniform! My dad was in the Naval Reserves for 25 … [Read More...]

Restaurant Food Waste Facts: How to Reduce Food Waste When Eating Out

Our landfills are straining at the seams and we throw away more and more stuff every year.  From appliances and electronics to household mail and toxic chemicals, humans are wasteful creatures. Some things have to be thrown away but many can find new homes or a new purpose.  I was floored when I started researching restaurant food waste facts. Why are we are throwing away perfectly good … [Read More...]

Summer Gardening Tips for a Bountiful Harvest

Summer gardening is always a bit less fun for me than spring gardening!  The weather is hotter, the weeds are taking over and the bugs are hungry.  However, if I am going to manage to get any harvest at all this summer I need to stay ahead of the game. I thought I would share a few of my summer gardening tips to help you maximize your harvest this year.  Check out my post on essential gardening … [Read More...]

Clean Eating Smoothies Get a Boost With These Simple Tips

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  I know, you hear that all the time, right?  But who has time to make healthy breakfasts when there are kids shoes to find and a dog puking in the bathroom?  Well, healthy smoothies are the solution to your breakfast needs!  Of course, not all smoothies are created the same!  If you really want a boost of nutrition in the morning, you need … [Read More...]

DIY Earwig Trap for Your Garden

One of the things that bugs me (HAH!)  most about gardening is trying to outsmart the bugs without resorting to chemicals.  Sometimes the bugs win but sometimes I win so I keep plugging away at my attempts at organic gardening.  My least favorite garden pest is the earwig and having an earwig trap out by my plants is an absolute must.What is an earwig?  They are nasty, creeping looking bugs and I … [Read More...]


Tarragon Vinegar Recipe and 5 Other Uses for Tarragon

Several years ago,  I was strolling through the garden center and I stumbled across a tarragon plant in the herb section.  This is not an herb I have … [Read More...]

Fresh Blueberry Tart Recipe with Basil and Honey

This Fresh Blueberry Tart Recipe was sponsored by Fresh From Florida as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed … [Read More...]

Mexican Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Variations for Serving

I have been a huge fan of Mexican food ever since I spent several years living down in Houston. Whether it is classic Tex-Mex like fajitas or … [Read More...]

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Green Living

Do These Simple Things to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

This discussion about simple things to reduce your carbon footprint was sponsored by Carton Council … [Read More...]

7 Reasons to Buy Charcoal Soap and Use it Every Day!

I recently decided to buy charcoal soap and am absolutely in love! Years ago, I started getting my … [Read More...]

How to Attract Fireflies for Hours of Night Time Fun!

When I was growing up, summer nights were a magical time.  We ran free for hours after the sun went … [Read More...]

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What to Know About Yoga Before Your First Class

Considering yoga classes for fitness?  Let me help you learn what to know what to know about yoga … [Read More...]

How to Use Dietary Supplements Safely

This post about how to use dietary supplements safely is sponsored by United States Pharmacopeia … [Read More...]

Magnesium Oil: How To Make It and Why You Need It!

If you learn how to make magnesium oil, you can save yourself a ton of money as you soothe your … [Read More...]

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House, Home and Family

Cookie Baking Tips for Beginners: For Perfect Cookies Every Time!

It's cookie season! Read through these cookie baking tips for beginners if you are new to the art of baking. When I was young, I was lucky enough to … [Read More...]

How to Make Homemade Soup for a Healthy Family Dinner

With the cool weather finally on its way, its time for you to learn how to make homemade soup.  Do you buy it in cans?  Or the new and trendy boxed … [Read More...]

Families Eating Dinner Together: Tips to Make it Fun and Stress Free!

Have you tried to sit down to a family dinner, only to have it be a horrible experience?  Cooking chaos, kids crying, picky eaters and a huge mess … [Read More...]

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DIY and Crafts

How To Get Aloe Vera Gel From Your Aloe Plant

Learning how to get aloe vera gel from your aloe plant is a handy skill to have! My son recently … [Read More...]

Natural DIY Wood Butter and Tips for Cleaning Cutting Boards

This DIY wood butter recipe is a must have item for anyone who does a lot of cooking from scratch. I … [Read More...]

Ginger Detox Bath Recipe to Help You Sweat Those Toxins Out!

If you are looking for a ginger bath recipe, the one I use is incredibly easy to make at home. Over … [Read More...]

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DIY Earwig Trap for Your Garden

One of the things that bugs me (HAH!)  most about gardening is trying to outsmart the bugs without … [Read More...]

Tarragon Vinegar Recipe and 5 Other Uses for Tarragon

Several years ago,  I was strolling through the garden center and I stumbled across a tarragon plant … [Read More...]

Cheap and Natural Organic Gardening Solutions for Frugal Gardening!

With the arrival of spring, I will soon be putting some of my favorite organic gardening solutions … [Read More...]

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Wildlife Safety Tips for Outdoor Family Vacations

If you are heading out into the great outdoors this summer, please read up on a few wildlife safety … [Read More...]

Eco Friendly Cruises: Why You Should Rethink Your Next Cruise Vacation

Are you wondering where to go on your next family vacation?  Spring break and summer vacation are … [Read More...]

London Travel Planning and Tips for a Safe and Healthy Trip Abroad

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly chaotic.  Not only am I stressing out about the … [Read More...]

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