Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft

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I have just started pulling out the fall decorations and getting into the spirit of all things pumpkin. I decided to get out my glue gun this afternoon and tackle an easy terra cotta pumpkin craft that I came across on Pinterest.

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This flower pot craft would make an easy teacher’s gift if you have young kids. It’also a cute way to keep the dog from eating the candy I like to leave on the entertainment center. Thankfully, for her anyhow, out of sight means out of mind and she ignores them! Leave an open dish of candy corn out there and she will eat the whole darn thing! I thought it came out cute and other than waiting for the paint to dry, there really wasn’t much work involved. If you are looking for more fall craft ideas, check out my easy pumpkin craft made from juice can lids!


Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft

Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft

All you need for this easy terra cotta pumpkin craft is the following supplies:

one terra cotta flower pot with a base that fits the top of the pot. I got the one that was one size smaller than the base it was designed for.

Paint (I used orange spray paint and off white craft paint)

a stick (approximate 3/4 inch wide and 2 to 3 inches long)

one green pipe cleaner


Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft


Paint your flowerpot and base in a rough coat of off white paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you will paint over it with orange. Once the base coat is done, spray it with a coat or two of orange spray paint.

Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft

You will lightly buff the container with the sandpaper. This gives it a bit of a rough look and takes the ‘shiny’ off of the pot.

Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft


Glue the stick onto the lid and twirl the pipe cleaner before gluing that the back portion of the lid/stick

Then, just fill with treats and enjoy!

Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft


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Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft


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