Need DIY Halloween Centerpieces? Make Upcycled Wine Bottle Candy Corn!

I am going to let you in on a small secret.  I LOVE candy corn.  Yup, I can’t lie..for some reason that stuff just calls to me!  It’s not healthy, natural or organic but every year I buy a bag or two and holler at my teens when they eat it all.  I was searching through Pinterest for DIY Halloween centerpieces and I found upcycled wine bottles that were painted to look like candy corn!  I thought it would be the perfect addition to my fall table and a good place for me to decoratively store my delicious candy corn.  This candy corn craft was incredibly easy and required few supplies but I will include some affiliate links for things you may need to buy.

Need DIY Halloween Centerpieces? Make Upcycled Wine Bottle

Since I love having a before bed glass of wine, we usually have a wine bottle or two stashed away for crafting purposes.  I also have an art closet with a ridiculous amount of spray paint in assorted colors.  Basically, I had to buy absolutely nothing to get started making these DIY Halloween centerpieces.  Buying nothing is always a plus when it comes to crafting!  Really, all you need is spray paint and wine bottles but to make things look pretty, a decorative plate, some dried flowers, and some tasty candy corn will also help.

DIY Halloween Centerpieces from Upcycled Wine Bottles

DIY Halloween Centerpieces

Halloween Centerpieces Supplies

Orange Spray Paint

Yellow Spray Paint

White Spray Paint


Empty wine bottles with labels removed and thoroughly washed

For staging:  Decorative plate, dried flowers and candy corn

Need DIY Halloween Centerpieces? Make Upcycled Wine Bottle Candy Corn!

Halloween Centerpieces Directions

Place the wine bottles on the newspaper in a well-ventilated area.  Outside in the driveway works great!

Paint the bottles white.  You may need a few coats.  I painted the whole bottle to act as a base coat for the other colors.

Need DIY Halloween Centerpieces? Make Upcycled Wine Bottle Candy Corn!

Spray paint the middle of the bottles orange and let dry

Spray paint the bottom of the bottles yellow and let dry

Place candy corn wine bottles on the decorative plate and add dried flowers and candy corn to finish your DIY Halloween centerpieces


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Need DIY Halloween Centerpieces? Make Upcycled Wine Bottle

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