Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea Using Juice Can Lids

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As I was rummaging through my art closet looking for inspiration, I came across a pile of frozen juice can lids. I don’t buy frozen juice very often but the metal lids were perfect for this easy pumpkin craft idea. If you don’t have an art closet (or an art box or corner or desk drawer), I seriously recommend you make one!

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I tuck all sorts of things in my art closet that can be upcycled into craft projects. From oatmeal containers to empty cereal boxes, it’s sort of a hodge-podge of stray things I find that I may be able to include in upcycled craft projects. Since we are in the season of all things pumpkin, pumpkin crafts are a great way to get in the holiday spirit.



Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea Using Juice Can Lids

All you need for this easy craft is a few juice lids, some orange paint, and a few common items you probably already have on hand! I will include a few affiliate links for items you may need to purchase.

Juice Can Lid Pumpkin Craft Supplies:

Juice Can Lid Pumpkin Craft Directions:

Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea with Juice Can Lids

The first thing you need to do for this easy pumpkin craft idea is to paint your juice can lids. You may need to do 2 or 3 coats, depending on the type of paint you are using. Just make sure you let the paint dry between each coat.

Once the three juice can lids are painted completely and dried, you want to hot glue them together as shown. The one in front will be centered and completely visible. The other two will be slightly angled to the left and right to form an almost 3-dimensional pumpkin shape.

Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea with Juice Can Lids

Once the hot glue is dry, you want to hot glue the small, straight twig dead center on top of the shape (in the back) so it forms the stem of the pumpkin craft.

Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea with Juice Can Lids

After that is dry, hot glue a slightly rounded piece of green pipe cleaner next to the twig so it forms a leaf on your juice can lid pumpkin. You can wrap it around a pencil to make it curly.

Hot glue a section of ribbon to the top/back of the juice can lid pumpkin to provide something to ‘hang’  your pumpkin with. If you don’t want to hang it you can skip this step. You can also glue a small magnet on the back if you want to stick it on the refrigerator.

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Easy Pumpkin Craft Idea with Juice Can Lids


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