How to Turn a Cereal Box into a Beautiful Gift Box

This morning when the kids got up I made them breakfast like I do every weekday morning. I was very energetic and poured cereal into a bowl. I’m not overly ambitious at 6 AM. After putting the bowls on the table I was left with yet another empty cereal box to throw into the recycle bin. I am sure just about every household in American throws away a cereal box or two every week! I decided to put my scissors and washi tape to good use and turn that cereal box into something slightly more useful! Cereal box upcycling is a great way to reduce your trash output and go green!

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Gift box made from empty cereal box with gift inside

How to turn a cereal box into a DIY gift box

You can make this gift box out of just about any sized box you happen to have in your recycle bin. Tiny Jello boxes, medium sized granola bar boxes or giant cereal boxes…just start snipping and wrapping in washi tape!

Turn a Cereal Box into a Beautiful Gift Box 2

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Cereal Box Upcycling Supplies

There are really very few supplies you will need for this cereal box craft.  And empty box (of course) and scissors.  Then, whatever washi tape you want to use to decorate it.  Here is a breakdown of your craft supplies for this DIY gift box craft:

  • One cardboard box
  • scissors
  • washi tape
  • tissue paper for stuffing in box before putting in your gift
  • packing tape (or whatever regular tape you have on hand if it is strong)


Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 1

How to make your upcycled gift box

First things first, choose which box you want to turn into your cereal box gift box. Size is flexible! I went with an old cereal box.  Smaller boxes will require a bit more dexterity to craft with.  At least, for me they do!  

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 2

Cut off the top flaps of the box. Then cut the back panel of the cereal box as shown. Cut along the corners of the box with a pair of sharp scissors.  Don’t forget to recycle your cardboard scraps.  Paperboard is one item that is easy to recycle!

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 3

Cut the side panels of the box off, leaving the sides about an inch or two higher than the back panel you just cut off. Make sure you cut all the way to where to front panel is. You are going to be folding down these side pieces and taping them inside the box for a slightly cleaner look.

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 4

Fold the side pieces down and tape them inside the box. Fold the back panel down making a crease where it folds over. You may have to fold it backwards and press down firmly with your scissors to get a really nice, tight fold.  Use packing tape inside the box rather than plain old everyday tape for a better hold. 

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 5

Fold the box over the top as shown and make a pencil mark where you will need to fold the box to create another crease. This flap will be folding back inside the box when you close the lid. Once you have the pencil mark made you can fold to create the crease.

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 6

In order to slide the lid  into the box you need to make it just a TAD bit more narrow than the base of the box itself. Using a pair of scissors cut just a SMALL amount of the box away from the edge of the lid. You want it to still be snug but not so tight fitting that it wont slide inside the box.

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 7

Now you are done with your DIY gift box shape! Tuck the lid into the base and that is what the final product will be shaped like. Now, you just need to choose your washi tape patterns and start taping!

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft 8

I bought a TON of washi tape on Amazon and you can get really creative with patterns and colors. You could do with with duct tape, too, but it isn’t quite as easy to handle. Washi tape will peel off easily if you make a mistake or you realize your rows are getting a bit uneven. I chose to leave the inside of the box plain but if you prefer you can tape the inside as well.

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft Final

All you need after you are done covering your cereal box with washi tape is some pretty tissue paper and a gift to give! This is an incredibly easy way to find a new use for your old cereal box once the cereal is gone! With Christmas coming  up you can invest in some red and green washi tape and say goodbye to wrapping paper completely!

Easy Recycled Cereal Box Craft Final 3


18 thoughts on “How to Turn a Cereal Box into a Beautiful Gift Box”

  1. Very clever. I always pin these ideas and mean to do them down the road. With the holidays coming up, I should really try this. I’ve never heard of washi tape before. From what I just read, it is made of paper or natural materials so it is also recyclable or compostable?

    • from what I have found it is a very sturdy tape that is actually made of rice paper? Not sure how accurate the internet is about that though! it feels like masking tape. I would think it would be recyclable but will have to look into it further!

    • Thankyou! I am enjoying it too! Have a few little tweaks to make but it is a nice, fresh look. And simple crafts are the only ones I can handle! I am not all that crafty!


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