Hot Tub Health Benefits and Safety Tips

Soaking in a hot tub is relaxing and soothes sore muscles.  In fact, there are many hot tub health benefits, however, you also need to use them with caution.  If you are considering hydrotherapy as a solution to your health problems, do your research before buying! What are the benefits of being in a hot tub?  I have spent a lot of time in hot tubs over the years, trying to ease my chronic pain and reduce inflammation.  One of the reasons I chose the gym I did was access to a hot tub!  If you are considering … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Fashion And Sustainable Closet Tips

The clothing industry is one of the largest polluters in the world.  Creating a sustainable closet means looking for eco friendly fashion brands, reducing clothing waste and buying mindfully.  Learn how to make ethical clothing choices in world obsessed with what we wear.   Why We Need Eco Friendly Fashion  Every once in a while, my husband comes to me with an idea that he thinks I need to blog about. He is very helpful when it comes to my blogging inspirations! He recently came across an article about fashion … [Read more...]

Building Healthy Relationships For Improved Mental Health

This post about building healthy relationships is made possible with support from the American Academy of Pediatrics through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All opinions are my own. About 10 years ago, my husband was doing some research on Alzheimer's disease after his mother was diagnosed with it. One thing that was mentioned frequently when discussing the disease’s causes and effects was the importance of strong interpersonal relationships as you age. That got us thinking about the overall … [Read more...]

Green Energy For Homes: Because There Is No Planet B

This post about green energy for homes is sponsored by WOR HQ LTD, however, all opinions are my own. If you have been following my blog for a while, you are probably familiar with all the ways I am trying to go green.  Gardening, recycling, composting, and being mindful of the things I purchase are easy ways to go green.  You know what isn't always easy to do? Figuring out how we can use renewable energy at home for our electric needs.  Many people don't have access to alternative power sources for home electricity.  And … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Wedding Tips For A Sustainable Ceremony And Reception

This post about eco freindly wedding tips is sponsored by Nakturnal however, all opinions are my own. Looking for eco friendly wedding ideas? Planning a green wedding doesn't have to be hard.  Reduce wedding waste, find second hand wedding dresses, and look for other easy ways to have a sustainable wedding.  The environmental impact of weddings is huge and we should all do our part to help.  Here are a few ethical, eco friendly, zero waste ways to say 'I do'. The rising cost of weddings Did you know that the average cost … [Read more...]

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus Recipe

Homemade hummus is an incredibly healthy snack, appetizer or simple lunch idea.  This roasted cauliflower hummus recipe cuts out the chickpeas, which is vital if you need to make paleo or keto friendly hummus to snack on.  Stop looking for cauliflower hummus brands at expensive specialty markets and make it at home in less than an hour.  What is hummus, actually? Traditional hummus is basically chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and some salt and pepper.  Simple, easy and delicious, … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Grow Organic Food

Growing your own food is important, however, it can also be a bit challenging.  Learning how to grow ORGANIC food is even more tricky.  However, there are numerous benefits to starting an organic garden in your own back yard.  Why is organic gardening better? Keep reading for just a few reasons to plant some homegrown fruits and vegetables and skip the pesticides this spring.  Why is organic gardening better? Organic food is not cheap. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged when they go to the grocery store and … [Read more...]

10 Eco Friendly Date Ideas to Help Your Love Life Go Green!

Coming up with romantic date night ideas isn't always easy. But for green couples, it's even more challenging.  What are some eco friendly activities that you can do with your potential (or long term) love interest?  Here are a few eco friendly date ideas that you may want to consider this Valentine's Day.   Why Date Night is Important, Even For Green Couples! Many, many years ago, I met a wonderful man who wooed me with flowers, cute little love notes, walks through town holding my hand, and other romantic yet simple … [Read more...]

Best Eco Friendly Gifts for a Romantic Date Night

Are you looking for the best eco friendly gifts for a romantic date night? Red may be considered the color of love but when it comes to Valentine's Day you should really start thinking GREEN! From organic flowers and fair trade chocolates to romantic evenings at home, here's how you can have a sustainable Valentine's Day next month.  Can romantic gifts be good for the planet? If you listen to the hype on TV it seems like women can only be happy if they get diamonds, flowers, and a Lexus as a symbol of their significant … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Brown Paper Bags

No matter how hard I try to avoid them, brown paper bags always seem to end up in my house.  From paper bag crafts to homemade book covers, learn to reuse paper bags instead of throwing them away. Here are a few creative uses for brown paper bags... because we all forget our reusable ones occasionally! Why You Should Upcycle Paper Bags How many brown bags do you think humans go through in a year? *10 Billion* Yes, Americans use around 10 billion plastic bags each year, which is equal to cutting 14 million tree each … [Read more...]

Tips for a Green Exercise Routine

With the beginning of the New Year comes a whole bunch of healthy New Year’s Resolutions. While getting more exercise is great for our health, it can take quite a toll on our planet. Looking for simple ways to make your workout eco friendly? There are many ways to green up your exercise routine so that it is good for both you and the environment.  Join the zero waste fitness trend and get in shape with a smaller carbon footprint! Green exercise vs sustainable workout tips There is a very large and active green exercise movement … [Read more...]

How to Prepare For A Sick College Student

This post about how to prepare for a sick college student is compensated by Amwell via Momtrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author. They are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends. How do college students deal with sickness? Not very well, I can tell you that.  Having sent my oldest off to college last year, we learned quickly that staying healthy at college is incredibly hard.  Going to class sick in college is miserable and finding time to go to the campus health center is almost … [Read more...]

What To Do With Old Books Instead Of Throwing Them Away

Looking for ways to recycle your books instead of throwing them away? If you are wondering what to do with old books, I have a few tips.  From donating books to libraries to making upcycled book crafts, learn how to cull books instead of throwing them away.  The written word is precious and does not belong in landfills!  Keep reading for a few donation tips and other helpful recycling resources.  Throwing out books is NOT a good way to deal with them!   What happens to old books that aren't sold? Do you … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Reuse Mint Tins

Asking yourself  'What can I do with empty mint tins?'  Or 'Can mint tins be recycled?' Well, this is the post for you!  As a fellow mint lover, I find myself storing empty mint tins in my junk drawer for future crafts or storage needs.  I decided to share a few creative ways to reuse mint tins and other ways to keep them out of your trash can! Can mint tins be recycled? If you are not crafty and have no need of tiny storage containers, recycling old mint tins may be your best choice.  But, CAN YOU recycle … [Read more...]

Green Tomato Toast Recipe with Goat Cheese

Looking for recipes that use green tomatoes? This green tomato toast recipe was a delicious way to use up unripened tomatoes.  Make this goat cheese toast with plump green tomatoes, plenty of fresh herbs, and some slivered red onion.  Tips for making goat cheese toast Goat cheese toast is easy to make and a deliciously flavorful lunch recipe.  Check out my goat cheese toast appetizer recipe if you want more ways to serve it.  Making goat cheese toast?  Here are a few tips: Use a whole grain bread.  Loads … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday Ideas: 10 Reasons to Support Your Local Farmer!

For the last 10 years, Small Business Saturday has encouraged the idea of supporting small businesses. Supporting your local farmer is a great small business shopping idea!  Make an impact in your local community and change the way our food system works by finding a local farm to shop at this month.  Choose to shop small Saturday and make a difference! What is the purpose of Small Business Saturday? If you are looking for Small Business Saturday ideas, have you considered supporting your local farmer? Black Friday is fast … [Read more...]

Gym Locker Room Etiquette: Basic Tips for Gym Newbies!

Want to hit the gym in the new  year?  Great idea!  But, if you plan on using the locker room, there are a few things you should know before you go.  Whether you are going to the YMCA or just the office gym, there's an unspoken behavior guide to co existing with other gym members. Don't create awkward moments.  Read these gym locker room etiquette tips before you go! What happens in locker rooms? Know before you go! If you have spent any time at the gym, I'm sure you have become familiar with the locker room. You … [Read more...]

Natural Immune Support and Tips For Staying Healthy

Why should you worry about natural immune support this month? Well, a healthy immune system reduces your chance of getting sick. And coming down with a cold is a sure fire way to throw a monkey wrench in your holiday plans!  There are many natural remedies that can help boost your immune system. While there is no sure fire guarantee that you won't succumb to a few germs, here are a few natural immunity boosters that might help. Do parents get sick more often? Yes, unfortunately! The moment my kids go back to school in September. we … [Read more...]

Baked Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Recipe

This baked pumpkin spice oatmeal recipe is an easy and healthy breakfast. A simple recipe for baked oatmeal that features all my favorite fall flavors.  Pumpkin puree, warm spices, and almond butter for additional flavor and protein. How do you eat baked oatmeal? Homemade baked oatmeal is a cross between a bowl of oatmeal and a breakfast bar.  Firm enough to eat out of your hand but just as nice on a plate, warmed in the microwave with a dollop of yogurt or whipped cream.  It has a chewy texture when cooked so skip the … [Read more...]