Ways to Preserve Hot Peppers

Jalapenos, habaneros, serranoes and many more types of chili peppers grow well in backyard gardens. There are only so many hot pepper recipes a person can make and one or two peppers goes a long way in terms of heat! I decided to share a few ways to preserve hot peppers in case you were suffering from an overabundance of them like I am! From your favorite hot sauce recipes to good old fashioned canning, Don't let good food go to waste! Ways to Preserve Hot Peppers From The Garden Learning how to preserve the harvest will help reduce food … [Read more...]

Backyard Design Ideas That are Good for the Planet

How do you design a good backyard? Well, the best outdoor living space in my mind is one that is sustainable! Here are a few backyard design ideas to help you create a sustainable landscape around your home.  Cool Weather Means Backyard Landscaping Time The heat of summer has finally passed and now we can spend time outside without suffering too horribly from the hot and humid weather. Fall is my favorite time of year to get out of the house and do some yard work. I love the crisp cool mornings, the smell of fallen leaves and the … [Read more...]

What To Do With Old Books When You Declutter

Wondering how to get rid of books? If you have a ton of  books, I have a few tips to help deal with them.  From donating them to libraries to making upcycled book crafts, learn how to cull books from your stash and what to do with old books when you declutter.     Is there such a thing as too many books?   Books are the one thing that I don't mind spending money on,  however,  after a while the bookshelves just get a bit too full. As  I look around my house deciding what areas to … [Read more...]

Choose Safe Decaffeinated Coffee Brands for Better Health

This post about safe decaffeinated coffee brands is sponsored by Women Online.  All opinions are my own. If you love coffee but need to give up caffeine, you may choose to look for decaffeinated coffee.  But, what is decaf coffee and how healthy is it, anyhow?  A Clean Label Project recent study will help you choose safe decaffeinated coffee brands for better health! What is the point of drinking decaf coffee, anyhow? For serious coffee lovers, decaf coffee may seem like sacrilege.  Why drink coffee without that … [Read more...]

Creative New Uses For Old Toothbrushes

Looking for old toothbrush uses around the house? Just because it's a bit chewed up, doesn't mean it can't serve a new purpose. Try one of these ways to repurpose old toothbrushes and extend the life just a tad bit longer.  Do you really need to change your toothbrush? YES! I am slightly neurotic about getting all of us to the dentist twice a year. Of course, at each of these dentist appointments we get a new toothbrush. That means 8 old toothbrushes need to find new uses every single year. On top of that, I tend to replace … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Old Newspapers

Instead of throwing away old newspapers, reuse, upcycle, and recycle them instead. From old newspaper crafts to seed starting pots, here are some creative uses for old newspapers you might want to try if you want to reduce your trash output. Print Newspaper vs Digital News Many years ago, my husband and I chose to give up our daily delivery of the local newspaper. We decided to try getting our news from online news sites and from television instead to cut costs and reduce how much stuff went into our recycling bin. We soon discovered, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Green Your Kids Snack Routine

Skip the packaged snack foods and reduce your trash output by trying a few of these easy ways to green your kids snack routine.  Snack smarter with some of these easy ways to go green at home and on the go.  Choose Green Snacks for a Smaller Carbon Footprint The one thing most kids have in common is their love of snacking.  While 3 nutritious meals a day are important, snacking also has it's benefits.  Healthy snacks in between meals keep kids fueled up and gives them the energy they need to keep up with the demands of … [Read more...]

Managing Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation: From Family Support to New Treatment Options

This post about treatment options for non-valvular atrial fibrillation was sponsored by Boston Scientific as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  All opinions expressed in my post are my own. For as long as I have known my husband, his stepfather has dealt with atrial fibrillation.  What is atrial fibrillation?  Basically, it is an irregular heart rhythm. A simple definition for a significant health problem.  No matter the cause, irregular heartbeats create a rather life altering scenario for … [Read more...]

5 Easy Things To Do With Food Scraps

Looking for green ways to dispose of food waste? Well, you have LOTS of options!  From composting and gardening to regrowing food scraps or feeding chickens, there are plenty of ways to decrease trash output by eliminating food waste. If you are wondering what to do with food scraps besides throw them away, here are a few suggestions.  What To Do With Leftover Food Waste Fruit and vegetable scraps, eggs shells, coffee grounds and other food scraps can get a second life if you are creative.  Keep in mind that most of … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Bathroom Ideas for a More Sustainable Home

Whether you are looking for sustainable bathroom remodel ideas or just easy ways to make your morning shower more eco-friendly, there are a lot of ways to go green in the bathroom!  Check out my post on eco friendly living tips for more green home inspiration! Create an Eco Bathroom You Will Love! We bought our home 12 years ago and each year I try to come up with a few ways to make it a more sustainable living space. Whether it is composting in the kitchen, setting the heat a few degrees lower, or buying organic sheets for the … [Read more...]

How to Create a Backyard Oasis

This post about how to create a backyard oasis has been sponsored.  All opinions are my own. Want to learn how to create a backyard retreat?  This is a landscaping project my husband and I have been working on for a few years.  It's a great place to relax outdoors, which we absolutely love.  Upgrading your patio is also a great way to encourage the whole family to spend more time outside.  I thought I'd share a few backyard oasis ideas so you can head outside and relax this summer.  How Do You Create The … [Read more...]

Homemade Lemon Pudding Recipe with Fresh Lemons

Homemade pudding is always a much loved dessert recipe in my house.  I often make pudding from scratch to avoid artificial ingredients.  It is seriously easy and takes only a few minutes, other than time to chill.  This homemade lemon pudding recipe uses fresh lemons and whole milk.  Simple ingredients make this homemade pudding quick, easy, and delicious!   Tips for Making Homemade Pudding To make this lemon pudding, you have to really pay attention.  You will have to stir constantly so don't walk away! … [Read more...]

How to Keep the Kitchen Cool This Summer

Is your kitchen hot in the summer? From proper ceiling fan usage to simple cooking tips, keep your kitchen cool without going broke paying for the air conditioner to run constantly. Keep reading for a few ways to keep the kitchen cool this summer! My sanity needs the kitchen cooler! Summertime in Georgia is HOT and most days I have no desire to sweat over the stove to cook dinner for my family. Since feeding them cereal every night of the week leaves me slightly guilt-ridden, I have had to learn how to keep the kitchen cool while still … [Read more...]

Tips for Comfortable Gardening Your Body Will Thank You For

Gardening is serious exercise. It can be physically demanding on the body as well as hot, itchy, and not always fun.  Prevent painful injuries by investing in the right supplies and following a few of these comfortable gardening tips.  Your body with thank you for it, I promise! Gardening Is Hard Work But Rewarding! I spend a lot of time in my yard during the spring and summer tending to my garden. Between building the garden beds, tilling soil, putting in plants, nurturing them, and (hopefully!) harvesting my crop, I wish I got … [Read more...]

Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats with Walnuts

This chocolate banana overnight oats recipe is sponsored by The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA). All opinions are my own. For more inspiration during #JuneDairyMonth, be sure to check out delicious ideas from NFRA at EasyHomeMeals.com #JDM2020 Overnight oats are an easy healthy breakfast idea for busy mornings. Loaded with whole oats, healthy walnuts, fresh bananas and almond milk, you get plenty of protein and fiber to get your day started.  This oatmeal recipe uses Almond BreezeĀ® Almondmilk Blended with … [Read more...]

10 Things You Need to Survive a Long Distance Road Trip

Planning a cross country road trip? Preparation is key for a fun and SAFE journey! These long distance road trip tips will help ensure that you reach your destination without too much stress.  And without  'accidentally' forgetting your kids in some nowhere rest stop along the way! Don't forget these road trip essentials when you hit the road this summer. How do you survive a long road trip? It's not always easy! My husband and I are in the midst of planning a long distance road trip. We will be taking 2 weeks to visit an … [Read more...]

Tips for Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden

This post about growing a medicinal herb garden has been sponsored by True Leaf Market. All opinions are my own. Growing your own medicinal herbs right in the backyard means you always have natural home remedies on hand for minor ailments. What are the best medicinal herbs to have on hand? And how do you grow a natural herb garden so that it thrives? Here are a few tips on growing medicinal plants as well as quick peak at a the True Leaf Market Herb Garden Seeds  I received to try. What is a medicinal garden? So, what is a … [Read more...]

How to Start Saving Money on Organic Food

Buying organic food doesn't always have to be expensive. Adopt basic concepts like buying seasonal produce, cooking from scratch and buying in bulk will all help you start saving money on organic food. If you are looking for cheap organic food, here are a few money saving tips and resources to get you started. Is organic food worth the extra cost? YES! If you learn how to start saving money on organic food, you will be able to feed your family healthier without totally destroying your food budget. Will you be able to do all of your … [Read more...]

Frugal Landscaping Ideas: How to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget!

Finding affordable landscaping is tough.  You are better off tackling easy backyard projects that you can do yourself rather than paying a professional.  Here are a few frugal landscaping ideas that will allow you to upgrade your yard on a budget.  These landscaping ideas on a budget mean more money YOU! My husband and I are passionate about our outdoor space. From the patio and fish pond to the pots of jalapenos and pretty flowers by the mailbox. It makes us happy to see an area that is both comfortable and … [Read more...]