Blueberry Ricotta Cheese Coffee Cake

Blueberry Ricotta Cheese Coffee Cake on a white plate

This week I found myself with half a container of leftover ricotta cheese. In an effort not to waste it, I made this blueberry ricotta coffee cake, which turned out absolutely delicious! Topped with streusel topping, this homemade coffee cake has a bit of extra protein thanks to the ricotta cheese. You can use fresh … Read more

Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft

Easy Terra Cotta Pumpkin Craft

I have just started pulling out the fall decorations and getting into the spirit of all things pumpkin. I decided to get out my glue gun this afternoon and tackle an easy terra cotta pumpkin craft that I came across on Pinterest.  It’s easy to turn a terracotta pot into a decorative pumpkin. Just paint … Read more

What to Plant in November: Inside AND Out

What to plant in November, both inside and outside!

Wondering what to plant in November? Or are you convinced that cold weather means the end of your gardening addiction? While it is true that most gardening comes to an abrupt halt once the chilly days and near-freezing nights of fall roll around, there are still a few things you can plant in November if … Read more

How To Improve Soil Health Over The Winter

As the days grow shorter and the weather starts to cool, many gardeners are already thinking about next spring’s planting.  But a good crop next spring requires that you learn how to improve soil health over the winter. By taking a few simple steps over the winter months, you can help your garden soil stay … Read more

How to Celebrate National Wildlife Day

kids looking at snails on the ground

Wondering how to celebrate National Wildlife Day?  I have a few tips for you! As an environmentalist, National Wildlife Day is especially important to me. Without a strong appreciation for the natural world and the creatures that live in it, there is little need to protect the environment in which it thrives. We need to … Read more

Sustainable Wine Tips and the Solar Winery Trend

grapes on a vine in the sun

Have you ever considered the ecological footprint of the wine in your glass during happy hour? Many large-scale wineries strain the environment through their use of chemical pesticides and high water consumption. If you are an environmentally conscious wine lover, it’s not always easy to find sustainable wines.  As the awareness spreads, however, organic farming … Read more

Green and Sustainable Shaving Tips

sustainable shaving supplies

Most people don’t think about the environmental impact of shaving.  However, shaving creates a fair amount of waste. Millions of plastic disposable razors are thrown away each year. Add in those cans of shaving cream and you are left with a lot of trash just to have smooth legs. Want a green shaving routine? These … Read more

Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip Recipe

This easy tzatziki Greek yogurt dip recipe is sponsored by The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA). All opinions are my own. For more inspiration during #JuneDairyMonth, be sure to check out delicious ideas from NFRA at #JDM2022   Tzatziki Dip is a classic Greek dip made with grated cucumber and Greek yogurt. … Read more

Using Cardboard for Weed Control

Weeds are a nuisance and can quickly take over a garden or lawn. And weeding the yard or garden is seriously back-breaking work. Using cardboard for weed control is cheap, effective, and better for our planet than many modern weed control methods.  There are many methods for weed control, but some are more effective than … Read more

Herbs That Keep Bugs Away

outdoor herb garden

If you are planting a garden this summer, growing herbs can be good for your health. There are many natural bug repellent plants available to help turn your yard into a bug-free zone naturally. Or to keep them off your skin when used in DIY natural bug repellents. Herbs that keep bugs away are awesome… … Read more

Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box Review

Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box breads and pastas

This Wildgrain bread subscription box review has been sponsored. I received a selection of Wildgrain products to try in exchange for my honest opinions. Bread is a staple in most diets, but it can be difficult to find good quality and healthy bread that you can feel good about eating.  Most store-bought breads are loaded … Read more

Using a Flame Weeder for Weed Control

Gardener burning weeds in his green grassy lawn with a torch in a close up view of the flame and his feet conceptual of organic control

Have you ever considered buying a flame weeder to control weeds in your yard? If you are ready to do battle with weeds using flame, I totally understand! Weeds are a constant battle for gardeners. They can quickly take over a garden (or a sidewalk, driveway, or yard!) and choke out the plants you’re trying … Read more

How to Make Butterfly Nectar

butterflies on a yellow feeder with homemade butterfly food in it

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that everyone should be able to enjoy.  Unfortunately, the population of butterflies is declining at an alarming rate. Learning how to make butterfly nectar is one way to help support pollinators in your backyard. There are many variations of DIY butterfly food. Your homemade nectar needs to include a source of energy … Read more