At Home Workout Tips For Maximum Results

woman doing yoga at home

This post about at home workout tips is sponsored by iFit.  All opinions expressed here are my own. What’s the best home workout program?  The one that works for YOU.  Whether you sign up for daily workout tips from a personal trainer or build a total home gym, you won’t stick to your workout routine … Read more

Sustainable Kitchen Design Tips

sustainable material samples for kitchen remodel

This post about sustainable kitchen design tips is sponsored by Beautifully Responsible. All opinions are my own. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home.  It’s where we gather as a family to cook and eat.  My kitchen table is covered with paint and scratches from 2 decades of artistic and academic children.  It … Read more

Earth Hour Ideas: It’s in Your Power to Make a Difference

Woman sitting in front of candle in the dark for Earth Hour 2021

Looking for  ways to celebrate Earth Hour with your family? Here are a few zero electricity activities for families to tackle in celebration of Planet Earth.  Keep reading to learn why Earth Hour is important and for inspiration for this climate awareness activity! Why is Earth Hour important? I have come across a lot of … Read more

Look Good And Feel Good With These Simple Health Changes

This post about simple health changes to look good and feel good is sponsored by Prosperatea.  All opinions expressed are my own. Want to look good and feel good this year?  Remember, the easiest healthy lifestyle changes to make and KEEP are the small ones.  Make these simple health changes in the coming months for … Read more

Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe with Fresh Raspberries

Molten lava cake on a white plate with berries

This molten chocolate cake recipe is a decadent chocolate dessert for Valentine’s Day or any day that just needs chocolate.  Made with red wine and raspberries, it has a lightly fruity flavor along with the rich chocolate.   You Seriously Deserve Chocolate Desserts! I have a horrible sweet tooth and the hardest part about the whole … Read more

How to Make Your Own Bean Sprouts

white bowl of mung bean sprouts

Why should you learn how to make your own bean sprouts? Because sprouting your own beans can be a fun and easy way to eat healthier and reduce your carbon footprint! Limiting consumption of animal-based foods is a great start to sustainable, healthy eating. You can use this bean sprouting method for most dried beans … Read more

How To Eat Clean For Beginners

woman chopping vegetables for a quinoa salad

This post about how to eat clean for beginners has been sponsored by Seed.  All opinions expressed here are my own. Are you looking for clean eating basics to kick start a healthy diet?  Are you unsure of what it really means to eat clean?  I thought I would share a few simple tips to … Read more

Tips for Buying Ethically Sourced Jewelry

Wedding rings on bench

This post about ethically sourced jewelry is sponsored, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.   Are you considering jewelry gifts this year?  Are you concerned about the sustainability of the gold, diamonds, and other jewelry materials used in it?  From ethically sourced gold to lab grown diamonds, there are many options to choose … Read more