How to Remove Labels From Jars with Barely Any Work!

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How to Remove Labels From Jars with Barely Any Work!
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This weekend I decided to replace a ton of spices from my spice rack. Some of them were there when I first bought it 20 years ago! There are just some spices that I don’t really use that often so they just sit in my spice rack taking up space. Since there are about a million ways to reuse old spice jars, I really didn’t want to throw them all away! I decided to share with you how to remove labels from jars with barely any work. All you need is hot soapy water, a scrub brush and some coconut oil!

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  How to Remove Labels from Jars. Once clean you can repurpose or upcycle into a number of crafts or DIY projects!

How to Remove Labels From Jars

Step one:  Fill a bowl with hot, soapy water and toss in your old spice jars. Now, go to bed. Seriously…just leave them in the hot soapy water overnight to soak.

Step two:  Scrape off the label with your fingernail or the edge of a knife. It should peel right off, leaving a whole bunch of label glue behind on your jar.

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Step three:  Dry your spice jar and smear coconut oil over the whole sticky label part with a paper towel. Go take a nap. Yup, just leave that thing sitting there for a while and ignore it. This post about how to remove labels from jars makes it sound pretty simple, huh?

Step four:  After  the oil has sat there for a few hours, turn on the hot water and scrub the label goo off with your scrubbie thing. I have a stiff bristled brush that I use but I’m sure there are other options out there.

Step five:  Let air dry and then find a few new uses for those old spice jars. Just click the picture below for a few ideas!

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  1. This is so helpful - and I have everything I need right in my pantry. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Barbara Brown says
    I remove labels by filling the jar with very hot water. Let sit till the jar and labels are hot. Label comes right off, and doesn't leave glue.
  3. I am an avid gardener and Love to do flower pots. I use my spice jars for pellet fertilizer to sprinkle into the pot or into the garden if I have a new plant to add to my garden. Works great, space saving and sealed from moisture.
  4. Goo Gone also works for removing label glue much more quickly, then rewash with dish detergent to clean the greasy feel off.

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