Easy Homemade Earring Holder from an Upcycled Cheese Grater!

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This homemade earring holder is perfect for dangling earrings that need to be better cared for. My daughter loves earrings and the older she gets, the more she wants to wear the dangly variety. They can get damaged if left in the jewelry box and often get tangled up with the rest of the jewelry in there. I came across a creative upcycled craft idea on Pinterest that used an old cheese grater to create a beautiful homemade earring holder. While I was out and about at the thrift store, I found a cheese grater for only a couple dollars and decided to get crafty. Other than the cheese grater, the only things you really need are paint and whatever decorations you want to use to spruce it up a bit. Here is how I turned that old cheese grater into a very pretty homemade earring holder!

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Homemade Earring Holder

Homemade Earring Holder using an Upcycled Cheese Grater! An inexpensive and eco friendly craft idea with a purpose!



1 metal 4 sided cheese grater


spray paint

acrylic paint/paint brushes (if desired for handle to be a different color)

4 large beads for ‘feet’

embellishments like paper flower shapes, gems, etc for decorating (also optional but pretty)

Hot glue gun

Homemade Earring Holder from an old Cheese Grater


Step one:  Paint the body of your cheese grater. I used an all purpose type spray paint and used several light coats for full coverage. Do this outside and set down some newspaper to protect the driveway/grass/patio, etc. Let each coat dry before applying the next.

Homemade Earring Holder

Step two:  Paint the handle with acrylic paint if you want it to be a different color than the body. Do as many coats as needed to hide the metal and let the paint dry between coats.

DIY Earring Holder

Step three:  Apply the feet. Put a tiny dab of hot glue on a large bead and press to the bottom corner of the cheese grater. Repeat on all 4 sides.

Homemade Earring Holder is an easy upcycled craft

Apply the embellishments:  Apply whatever types of embellishments you want on your homemade earring holder. Here’s my affiliate link for some paper flowers but you can get as creative as you want.

Easy Upcycled Craft Idea

Hang up your earrings:  Once everything on your homemade earring holder is dry, just put your earrings in it! Totally easy, right? And you can customize it for your own personal decor tastes. An upcycled craft idea that only costs pennies and serves a useful purpose!

How do YOU store your dangly earrings?


  1. Oh this is so pretty. I've been thinking about making one of these for over two years, but now we have cats so maybe that's not the best idea. :)
  2. This is a genius idea, it's kind of kitshy but it's also unsuspecting. I had to do a double take- and I LOVE the colors you've gone with! I don't wear earrings, but I bet my niece would love this!
  3. I love this idea! It's so useful, reuses something that may otherwise get tossed AND it looks cute too. I'm pinning it!
  4. That is totally cute. What a wonderful idea and a great way to use something old to make something new.
  5. Nell Shoemake says
    Is the black spot painted on or hot glue and painted to protect earrings?

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