DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board

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I’m sure that all of you avid bakers out there can commiserate with me over the deplorable state of our cookie sheets. I have a serious love of baking and those little sheets of metal get put to work on a regular basis.

While I try to scrub them well after each use, there comes a point in every cookie sheet’s life when it must be laid to rest! The same can be said for a lot of the things around our home.

Every day I find something else in my house that is either old, broken, or so well used that it is no longer useful. I hate throwing things away and am always looking for ways to repurpose every day items.

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to put green living on your busy schedule but this DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board is an easy way to remind yourself every single day to try to reduce your carbon footprint!

DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board

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Easy Cookie Sheet Crafts

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  • Choose green energy options like Energizer New EcoAdvanced Batteries and LED light bulbs.
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  • Find new uses for old things. Every item that you keep out of the landfill makes a huge difference!


recycled batteries

This weekend’s ‘Make Something New From Something Old’ project was this DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board.

Since I recently purchased a few NEW cookie sheets, it was time to find a new use for my old, grungy ones! This cookie sheet memo board uses only one old cookie sheet along with a few simple craft supplies you can find at your local craft store.

I chose to go with a pink/green theme for this upcycled craft but you can customize the colors to match whatever decor you have in your home.

Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board Craft Final

Cookie Sheet Memo Board


1 old cookie sheet
Spray paint
Washi tape
clothes pins, bottle caps, small stones or whatever you want to make into magnets
Magnetic tape
Ribbon to string up the cookie sheet if desired
Drill if needed to make a hole in the cookie sheet if needed



Cookie Sheet Memo Board DIY

The first step in turning your cookie sheet into a cookie sheet memo board is to paint the cookie sheet. Look for an all purpose spray paint and make sure you use it in a well ventilated area. Shake the can well and use several light coats rather than one or two heavy ones to avoid drippy paint marks.

Easy Recycled Crafts

When your last coat of paint is dry, apply your strips of washi tape in whatever pattern you want. I chose three corresponding colors for my cookie sheet memo board and made both vertical and horizontal stripes. You can really get quite creative with your pattern!

How to Make a Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Make your magnets:  Any small items can be used as magnets for your cookie sheet memo board. I found decorative clothespins in the dollar section of the craft store and glued a small piece of magnetic tape on the back. You can paint small rocks, bottle caps, or make salt dough magnets. Get creative and turn something old into something new!

Easy DIY Projects for Earth Day

Hang your cookie sheet memo board on the wall using decorative ribbon and a sturdy hook or just prop up on your desk!


Don’t forget to leave yourself creative messages to remind yourself to live green!

Check out for more information!

Easy DIY Project for Cookie Sheets_edited-1


Not sure what to do with your old batteries?

Check out this post on battery recycling!

Do You Recycle Batteries Here are 5 things you should know about battery recycling


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  1. I love how it turned out – so cute! I love the many different ways this could be done and customized as well. Great idea with the clothes pins. I am not looking forward to the time change though.

  2. Super good idea for upcycling the cookie sheet! I have a few rusted ones that can be used in my daughter’s room to hold pictures and drawings and such.

  3. Such a great idea! Your memo board came out so nice! I have a couple baking sheets that aren’t in the best shape, this would be a great way to repurpose them! #client


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