Need Dinner Place Setting Ideas? Make Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards!

Despite the stress and the added burden to my credit card, this is my all-time favorite part of the year. I love the holiday season, from cookie baking to the smell of wet leaves in the air. Thanksgiving and Christmas mean spending time with family, plenty of cookies to bake, and fires in the fireplace. If you are having company over this month, you may be looking for simple dinner place setting ideas to decorate your holiday table.

Well, you don’t have to look further than your grocery store and the very versatile cranberry! Making DIY place cards can be a fun and inexpensive way to add a touch of elegance to your dinner table.

I thought I would show you how simple it is to create a cranberry wreath that acts as a place card for all of your holiday guests. They take only minutes to make and even the kids can help put them together! 

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Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards

Dinner Place Setting Ideas

While I am all for a buffet-style meal, sometimes you want a touch of elegance for your holiday dinner. Here are a few tips that make  your table look elegant without going through a ton of work:

  • Stack your dishes. Start with a dinner plate, follow with a salad plate and top with a bowl.
  • Get creative with silverware. Tie the silverware together with twine or ribbon that matches your tablecloth.
  • Use cloth napkins; they add a nice touch to your dining table. Of course, they are also better for the environment than paper!
  • Add candles. They create a touch of elegance without being overstated. Try your hand at a few simple Christmas candle decorating ideas that use floating candles.
  • Use unusual napkin rings and simple place-setting name holders

Make Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards!

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How To Make Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards 

So, these cranberry wreath DIY place cards are incredibly easy to make. You will need thin copper wire made for crafting. I used Bonsai Training Wire because I had it in the house from when we planted our Bonsai trees. It is inexpensive and bends easily.

You will also need a bag of cranberries from the grocery store, some pine tree trimmings, and a few other simple craft materials.

DIY name place settings



Thin copper wire

wire cutters

Fresh cranberries

scrapbook paper in your choice of color or pattern

trimmings from a pine tree

red buttons

Glue Gun and glue sticks

Thin black marker


Need Dinner Place Setting Ideas? Make Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards!


Snip off a length of copper wire. About 8 inches should be fine.

Thread cranberries onto the wire. About 10 to 12 per wreath but it will depend on their size.

Twist the ends of the wire together so the cranberries form a circle and trim the wire with wire cutters

Trim small pieces of scrapbook paper into the desired shape. Write names on each paper

With your hot glue gun, add the pine trimmings, scrapbook paper, and button to the area where the wires are joined

Let it cool and use it to decorate each place setting on your holiday table.

Need Dinner Place Setting Ideas? Make Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards!


Your holiday table doesn’t have to cost a fortune in order to be beautiful. There are many dinner place setting ideas that don’t cost a fortune but add to the ambiance of your dining room.

A bowl of pinecones or a simple wine bottle centerpiece can add a personal touch to your table without breaking your budget.

Consider a few of my eco-friendly holiday ideas this year and work on reducing your carbon footprint. You can help save our planet, one fork at a time! (check out my post on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas for more ideas!)

Have any other dinner place setting ideas to share? If you have extra cranberries, whip up a batch of my orange cranberry butter to spread on your dinner rolls!

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Cranberry Wreath DIY Place Cards

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