Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements to Bring the Outdoors Inside!

Decorating with natural elements is a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home. In my opinion,  it brings a bit of peace and harmony into the house that everyone could use a bit more of. There are many types of things that you can use to decorate that are easy to find and appeal to the senses. Some of these ideas can be found near your home and crafted into something beautiful. Other natural home decor items can be purchased online if you want something a bit more sophisticated. Here are a few simple decorating tips to get you started on bringing the outdoors in!

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Want to start decorating with natural elements? Here are a few simple decorating tips to get you started on bringing the outdoors in!

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Decorating with Natural Elements

Adopting the ideas of minimalism and decorating with natural elements are great ways to improve the peace and harmony of your home. Simple is better when it comes to calming the mind and reducing stress!


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Stones are a simple and modern way to bring a touch of nature into your home or workspace. Arrange them in a simple pattern on your table. They make an interesting conversation piece that will help you relax while going about your daily tasks. You can put small decorative stones in a glass vase as well or use them in other creative ways around your home.

Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements to Bring the Outdoors Inside!

Pine Cones

Pine cones are another item that can truly take you mentally to another space than the one you are in. They are interesting to view and make a great element in your décor. Place a small glass bowl filled with pine cones onto your table. You will catch their scent every now and then that will transport you to the forest. Check out my post on things to do with pine cones for other ways to use them.

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Using eucalyptus in your home décor can bring life to even the drabbest surroundings. Stick a few long pieces in a tall vase for a touch of life in your room. This look goes well with many decorating styles. It brings a wonderful aroma to the air and its simplicity is incredibly peaceful. Check out these other uses for eucalyptus if you have extra.

Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements to Bring the Outdoors Inside!


Your attempts at decorating with natural elements would not be complete without flowers. These givers of life brighten every space they occupy. Choose your favorite color of flower and go crazy. Add a wild combination of many beautiful colors to appeal to your visual sense. Flowers also have the added bonus of awakening your sense of smell. Consider growing annuals in pots and placing them around your home. They will last longer than cut flowers.

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Old Bird Nests

Seeing a bird’s nest in your living space will bring thoughts of new life, as we generally associate nests with that. Set it on a shelf when empty, or add something else to enhance it further. Perhaps you could fill it with small wooden eggs, pine cones, or other favorites.

Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements to Bring the Outdoors Inside!

Bird House

Birdhouses are another way to invoke a sense of life. When we see birdhouses, we can almost hear the chirping that goes along with them when found in nature. Place a small statue or replica of a bird near it. Or you can leave it as is to encourage each individual to use their creativity to imagine what bird may have lived there.

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There is nothing like the smell of spruce to bring fond memories to our imaginations. Using spruce in your décor is a sure way to add a sense of cheer and warmth. Use it above your fireplace to invoke the spirit of a cozy winter’s night.

There are so many options for decorating with natural elements. Try a few of these suggestions and you will notice an immediate difference in how cozy the ambiance of your home becomes. Bring the outdoors in and bring your senses alive!

Have any other ideas for decorating with natural elements?

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Decorating with Natural Elements

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