Earth Day Craft Idea: Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder!

Need an easy Earth Day craft idea?  Recycled crafts like this tin can bird feeder are a great way to celebrate!  Upcycle old tin cans into a simple bird feeder to attract birds to your back yard.  Teach children about going green while you reduce your trash output!

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Earth Day Craft Idea Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder

How to Teach Kids About Going Green

Earth Day is fast approaching and I am a huge fan of getting kids involved in our efforts to go green. Children are the future of this planet.  If we do not teach them how to be good stewards of the Earth, it will not survive for THEIR children to enjoy.

This Earth Day craft idea is a great way to get kids involved in repurposing a tin can while also providing food for the birds in your yard. Hang the bird feeder from a suction cup on the outside of the window if you want an up close and personal view of the birds while they eat.

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tin can bird feeders in a tree

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I thought it would take a few days for our new homemade bird feeder to be accepted by the bird community.  However,  within an hour of hanging it outside, we already had feathered visitors nibbling on some seed. This Earth Day, take a few minutes to reflect on ways to help reduce your family’s carbon footprint.  In addition, if you want to find another creative Earth Day craft, check out The Hufington Post!

Earth Day Craft Idea

earth day craft idea tin can bird feeder

Tin Can Bird Feeder

Repurpose old tin cans to make this cute homemade bird feeder.  It’s a great kid’s craft that will cost you very little in terms of supplies.   

Tin Can Bird Feeder Supplies

  • One tin can, clean and label removed
  • Paint of assorted colors
  • Paint brushes and/or Qtips
  • Ribbon
  • Nail and hammer for punching a hole in the tin can
  • Wooden dowel, approximately 6 inches long that is thick enough for a bird to perch on.
  • Hot glue gun
  • bird seed

old tin can on counter

How to Make This Upcycled Bird Feeder

I hope you enjoy this Earth Day craft idea and encourage you to get your kids involved in saving the planet, one baby step at a time!

  1. Remove the label from the can and clean it well. Poke a hole in the base of the can using a hammer and large nail.  Make the hole closer to the outside edge of the can rather than near the center.
  2. Paint the can the desired color. I used spray paint and needed 2 coats to completely cover the metal.
  3. After the solid coat of paint is dry, add whatever other elements you want to it using other colors of paint. Make  polka dots, stripes, rainbows, or whatever strikes your fancy.
  4. When the paint is dry, cut a piece of ribbon about 18 to 24 inches long and thread it through the hole in the base of the can. Tie the two ends together to loop over a branch for hanging.
  5. Glue the dowel into the can to act as a perch. Hold the can sideways so the hole you created in the base is at the top edge of the can. Glue the dowel to the bottom surface of the can with the hot glue gun.
  6. When the glue is set, fill the can about half way with seed and hang it sideways from a branch. Your Earth Day craft is finished.  Sit back and watch the birds come in for a snack with your kids!

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder Craft

More DIY bird feeder ideas

Homemade bird feeders are incredibly easy to make.  Reuse milk jugs or soda bottles for them.  Make popsicle stick bird feeders or glue old coffee mugs to a small plate and set it on your patio.  





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  1. I recently did an activity with a group of Elementary students in our summer after school program where we painted tin cans to use as pencil holders, however the paint flaked off a day later. Do you recommend a specific type of paint that will adhere to the can and also hold up during the various seasons (We live in Michigan so the paint needs to endure exposure to both hot and cold temperatures)?


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