Need Eco Friendly Crafts? Make Yogurt Cup Bracelets!

If you are looking for eco friendly crafts, yogurt cups come in very handy! Every week I go to the grocery store and spend about $20 just on yogurt. Yes, we do like the high-quality brand name yogurts but still, there are a lot of yogurt containers in my cart every week. Big ones, small ones, and all sorts of shapes…yogurt containers can be used for many things including a few a few eco friendly crafts. Since my daughter is very crafty and has a slight addiction to the hot glue gun, I am always looking for creative ways for her to keep busy. Our art closet is filled with things from around the house that can be used in a variety of eco friendly crafts. These yogurt cup bracelets are just one way that you can repurpose your old yogurt containers. Lets work on teaching our kids that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure with a few eco friendly crafts! If you would like to check out more eco friendly crafts, check out my DIY candle holder made from an old coffee mug!

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Yogurt Cup Bracelets


Clean yogurt containers (standard 6 to 8 ounce size)
Assorted Ribbon and yarn
Scissors  or Exacto knife
Hot glue gun


1. Wash and dry yogurt container

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2. Cut out strips from the yogurt containers. If you need a larger bracelet you can use a 24 ounce yogurt container and cut the strip to the appropriate size. The 6 to 8 ounce size fits my 11 year old daughter without a problem.

3. Cut a long piece of ribbon or yarn. You will want it to be 2 to 3 feet long, depending on how wide it is.

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4. Hot glue one end of the ribbon to the plastic strip so that it is perpendicular to the plastic.

5. Slowly wrap the ribbon or yarn around the plastic strip, adding a small dot of glue every few passes. Make the strips slightly overlapping so that they completely cover the plastic.

6. When the entire plastic strip is covered, hot glue the end to the interior of the bracelet and cut off the remaining ribbon or yarn with scissors.

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7. Let the glue cool and harden for a few and then you are free to wear!

Do you have any eco friendly crafts that you have made recently?


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Need Eco Friendly Crafts? Make Yogurt Cup Bracelets!

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    • SURE it would! They were incredibly easy! And you can pick the ribbon color based on the season…red, white and blue for July, orange, yellow and brown for Turkey day….


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