Recycled Crafts: A Cinnamon Stick Centerpiece!

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This cinnamon stick centerpiece is perfect for people who get excited about recycled crafts! With the holidays coming quickly, I am already seeing tons of holiday decor in the stores. You can’t step foot into Target or even the grocery store without seeing some sort of Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas merchandise.

I try hard not to spend a lot of money on holiday decor. It just isn’t really something that is hugely important to me. I love how simple this cinnamon stick craft is and putting a homemade fall centerpiece on the table this holiday season gives the table a homey and personal touch.

Cinnamon Stick Centerpiece makes a Cheap and Easy Recycled Craft

Recycled Crafts Save Money!

I want my house to look nice for the holidays, but I prefer to keep my decorations as simple and natural as I can. A bowl of scented pine cones, a scented candles and a few recycled crafts are usually the only things that I decorate with for fall. Minimalism is a great concept for sustainable holidays!

The thing I love most about eco friendly crafts is that I can take something old and relatively useless and turn it into something unique and pretty. Something you would never find gracing the shelves of a department store. If you are looking for cinnamon stick craft ideas, this one is quick and easy!

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Recycled Crafts: A Cinnamon Stick Centerpiece

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Creative Use for Cinnamon Sticks!

I absolutely love the smell of cinnamon in my house. It is warm and inviting and brings to mind tasty things like pie and applesauce. I bought a whole bunch of cinnamon sticks on Amazon and have been trying to find creative ways to use them. Combine cinnamon sticks with my love of recycled crafts and you have a wonderful fall centerpiece idea!

Easy Recycled Craft Idea 2

Recycled Crafts: A Cinnamon Stick Centerpiece

All I needed for this recycled craft was a collection of fall flowers and a glue gun and now I have a fall centerpiece that is cheap, natural, recycled AND smells pretty!

Recycled Crafts: A Cinnamon Stick Centerpiece!

upcycled tin can covered in cinnamon sticks with flowers in it

This is a frugal craft idea using just an empty tin can and whole cinnamon sticks. Make this homemade flower vase for Earth Day and every day!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  • One tin can with lid removed and washed thoroughly
  • Cinnamon sticks (3 to 6 inch, depending on height of can)
  • Flowers and water


  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Lay your clean tin can on a flat surface
  2. Hot glue the cinnamon stick to the can, making sure they are completely perpendicular to the bottom of the can and do not extend farther below the can than the bottom edge.
  3. Continue gluing the cinnamon sticks all the way around the can until you have covered the entire thing
  4. Fill the can with water and add flowers!


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