How to Find the Best All Natural Beauty Products

 If you’ve been considering switching to a more natural and organic beauty routine, I get it.  But, it’s not always easy. Every time I need to shop for makeup or skincare products, I remember how hard it is to find the best all natural beauty products.  I keep trying new ones, though, because I feel it’s important to reduce my exposure to certain chemicals that are prevalent in traditional beauty products.

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How to Find the Best All Natural Beauty Products


How to Find the Best All Natural Beauty Products

Over the past few years I have tried to make the switch from conventional products to natural ones. Sometimes I find a product that I really like and it’s easy to ditch the chemical laden, artificial stuff. Other times, I buy one brand after another with pitiful results. 

I thought I would put together a few simple suggestions for those of you who are still searching for natural beauty products that work for you. Whether it is a safe nail polish or an organic moisturizer, natural beauty products are a better choice for your health!

essential oil

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Look for products that use essential oils:

Artificial scents can trigger allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks in a number of people. Many of the of the synthetic fragrances on the market today are derived from petroleum by-products. Essential oils are extracts of natural products and a better choice when looking for natural beauty products.

Avoid chemical dyes:

Do you really need your soap to be neon blue or your shaving cream to be green? Many traditional beauty products contain artificial dyes to make them more eye catching. Look for product that are either white (undyed) or use only natural colors.
Just because something is pink, doesn’t mean it works any better than something that is plain old white. The best all natural beauty products will either be undyed completely or use only natural dyes like turmeric or beet juice.

Read the BACK label: 

Don’t be fooled by what the front label says. Sometimes a product may say ‘contains essential oils’ but then when you start reading the ingredients you find that there is a whole lot of other stuff in the product that you DON’T want.
While you cannot memorize all of the ingredients you should avoid, the basic rule of thumb is that if it sounds like a chemical, it probably is! Don’t be fooled by the marketing hype that goes on the front label. Natural beauty products will usually contain recognizable ingredients!

How to Find the Best All Natural Beauty Products

Consider making your own: 

If you can’t find the best all natural beauty products, consider making them! Many beauty products can be made very simply from ingredients in your pantry. Oatmeal, olive oil, chamomile tea, cucumbers…they are all incredibly tasty but also make very good natural beauty products.

I recently made a Coffee and Brown Sugar Shea Butter Scrub that works amazingly well for exfoliating and moisturizing. The web is full of great recipes for homemade natural beauty products  and by making your own you not only control the ingredients but usually can save money, too. Try my homemade milk bath to soothe dry skin!

Choose organic if you can: 

The organic seal on a beauty product takes a lot of the guess work out of choosing natural beauty products. While organic doesn’t mean it is perfect, it is a better choice than most traditional beauty products on the market right now. If you want to shop online, use my affiliate link for organic makeup on Amazon for a great selection.

Find local businesses and crafters to support:

Supporting local businesses is always a great choice, especially when you can find one that makes natural beauty products. Many times you can find small, local crafters at your local farmer’s market or just do a Google search for your state and the type of product you are looking for.

Choosing the best all natural beauty products is a great way to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. If you are wondering whether a certain product is considered safe, go to Safe Cosmetics (a division of Environmental Working Group) and type in the product name. They rate products from 0 to 10 (0 being the safest and 10 having the most undesirable chemicals) so that you can see if  your natural beauty product is as safe as you thought it was!

Do you have any tips for finding all natural beauty products?

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7 thoughts on “How to Find the Best All Natural Beauty Products”

  1. These are some great tips. I have used lemons as natural beauty solutions for many years, they work so well and bonus they smell amazing!

  2. I am terrible at reading labels on beauty products so I’m sure the stuff I use, I probably shouldn’t. I’d love to try making certain things myself. I do have a small collection of essential oils that would come in handy.

  3. I’ve been thinking about making my own makeup lately. Particularly lipstick. When I think of how many ingredients I’m licking off my lips every time I wear it it, it definitely worries me. I’d rather know what is in it.


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