Book Review: 5 Easy Steps to Healthy Cooking

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Title: 5 Easy Steps to Healthy Cooking
Subtitle: 500 Recipes for Lifelong Wellness
Author: Camilla V. Saulsbury
Publisher:  Robert Rose (February 9, 2012)
ISBN:  978-0778802969
Format/Length:  Paperback: 544 pages
From the Publisher:

It can be a challenge to discern which foods really do form a healthy diet, let alone how to prepare them into delicious dishes without too much time, fuss, and expense.  5 Easy Steps to Healthy Cooking offers the solution. Vastly different from a diet book, this simplified, five-step approach to healthy eating is holistic and flexible. This is healthy cooking from a very different perspective: because it is first and foremost a cookbook, not a diet book, it begins and ends with enticing, easy-to-prepare recipes that make the five principles simple and doable.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Camilla Saulsbury is a freelance food writer, recipe developer and cooking instructor. Her culinary focus is translating food and flavor trends into fresh, innovative, and delicious recipes for the home kitchen.

Camilla has been involved in the world of food for more than 16 years, including catering specialty desserts in the San Francisco Bay Area, writing cookbooks and freelance food articles, and developing recipes for national food companies. Further, she has won several of the country’s top cooking competitions, including the $100,000 National Chicken Cook-Off, the $50,000 Build a Better Burger Contest, and the Food Network’s $25,000 Ultimate Recipe Showdown (Cookies Episode).

My Review:
 This is a very well laid out cookbook that provides not only healthy recipes but also a simple guide to eating healthy. The author starts out with a thoughtful introduction that asks the question “What exactly is a healthy recipe”  and discusses the 5 basic steps you need to take to get on the path of healthy eating. The five steps are really very simple. They are:
  • Choose Fresh, Whole Foods
  • Eat Mostly Vegetable and Fruit-Based Foods
  • Opt for Healthy Fats and Proteins
  • Select Superfoods (Nutrient-Dense Foods)
  • Eat More Whole Grains
This is not rocket science but people who have lived their whole lives on fattening, processed foods will easily be able to look at their grocery store selections and see if it falls into one of these 5 categories.

There is also a very detailed list of nutritional terms and ingredient list to help stock your pantry. I really liked that it went into ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and had a short section on interpreting organic food labels.

The recipes themselves are divided into serving suggestions;  Breakfast, Snacks, Salads, Soups, etc. all the way through to deserts. The one thing I noticed that was missing was beverages. I might have liked to see some healthy drinks.

Each recipe has a simple ingredient list and directions, offers suggested accompaniments, tips, and tells you specifically which of the 5 Healthy Eating Steps it will fulfill in your diet. There is also nutritional information to go with each recipe as well.

There is a nice selection of recipes ranging from simple oatmeal all the way to frittatas, chili, and quiche and everything in between. Here are a few of the recipes you will find in this book:

  • Quinoa-Cashew Power Balls, Spicy, Crispy Roasted Chickpeas
  • Tuna and Asparagus Frittata, Spicy Salsa Joes
  • Soba with Shrimp, Lime and Cilantro
  • Braised Baby Bok Choy, Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup
  • Sweet Potato Bisque with West Indian Spices

I was impressed with this cookbook. I usually prefer a few more photos in my cookbook but there are a few color images here or there. If you are trying to get started on a healthy diet, I think this cookbook would make a great addition to your kitchen library!

Disclaimer: As per FTC guidelines, I received one copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.



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