Book review: The Cheater’s Diet

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Title:  The Cheater’s Diet
Subtitle: The Sneaky Secrets to Losing Up to 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks Eating (and Drinking) Everything You Love
Author:  Marissa Lippert
ISBN:  978-0452296817
Publisher:  Plume; 1 edition (December 28, 2010)
Pages:  400 pages (paperback)
From the back cover:
Lose twenty pounds in eight weeks while eating chocolate and drinking red wine? Sought after New York nutritionist, Marissa Lippert, says, “Yes, you can!” A self-professed foodie, Lippert shows readers how to cheat the right way- by balancing workouts with nights out, anticipating stress eating and special occasions, and boozing with brains-and be happier, slimmer, and healthier than ever before. With practical tips on how to shop, cook, and find the best of everything- including local and organic foods-on a budget, The Cheater’s Diet is the perfect program for the millions of women who want to lose weight, but don’t want to change their lifestyle to do it.
About the Author (from Amazon):

Marissa Lippert is a registered dietitian in Manhattan and knows great food when she tastes it. Voted by Citysearch as one of New York’s “Best Nutritionists” in 2007, 2008 and 2009, Marissa is the founder of NOURISH, a nutrition counseling and media communications firm, where she helps individuals live, eat and cook more healthfully without giving up delicious food.


Expanding her nutrition, food and lifestyle expertise to the literary world, Marissa’s second book, THE CHEATER’S DIET recently hit bookshelves this April. She also writes a monthly column for Glamour and and serves on the expert panel for Woman’s Day and Health. She’s a frequent contributor to the New York Times, SELF and Yahoo Shine as well as Good Morning America Health, Martha Stewart Living Radio, ABC News, FOX News, and New York 1 News. Marissa lives in Manhattan and is an avid cook much to her friends

My Review:
I am one of those people who pairs their candy bar with a no calorie soda. If I am going out to dinner one night I try and stick to fruit and yogurt for lunch. Just my way of having to do a tad bit LESS exercise to maintain my weight! I am always looking for ways to eat what I want and still fit into my pants so I was very excited to check out The Cheater’s Diet!
The basic premise of this book is simple: People cheat on diets. This book shows you how to cheat and still lose weight. Each of the 8 weeks (one chapter for each week) has a section on weekly goals (ie getting enough water, reducing portion size, etc), a suggested menu, sample workout, food journal, shopping list, and LOTS of snack suggestions. There are many recipes and serving suggestions, as well. I really like the section on sweeteners…this book really stresses natural sweeteners for your foods like honey and agave nectar. The author looks at stress and how it effects out eating habits. I like the section titled “Boozing it up with Brains”. I enjoy having a drink in the evening and have always felt guilty for the wasted calories but there are ways to reduce those calories and still enjoy your drink. Adding seltzer water and a splash of juice with your vodka instead of straight juice will cut calories considerably!
This really is a very common sense way of eating…reduce your serving size, make smart food choices (unprocessed, as natural as possible), get moderate exercise and forgive yourself for the occasional slip up! Cheating on a diet happens but doesn’t have to destroy your diet completely!
I love that there is no calorie counting, no weighing of food, and nothing that is completely off limits in your diet. The author’s writing style is engaging and she seems to be chatting with the reader like she would a friend. It makes the book quite an enjoyable read.
My thanks to the publisher for allowing me to review this book.

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