Create an eco-friendly gift registry with Gift Caddie!

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When my husband and I got married (oh so long ago!) we did what most young couples did…we went to 2 of our larger department stores and created a wedding registry. We had guests coming from half a country away and picked stores we knew  had locations all over the place. Nowadays, with the ease of Internet shopping it is easier for people near and far to shop online and send you your gift in the mail. But, what if you really want to design your new home in as green a manor as possible? There aren’t a lot of places for you to register that offer eco-friendly gifts. Or, if they DO, your selection may be limited depending on the types of items they carry. Now, there is a solution to your green gift registry needs:  Gift Caddie!

The idea for Gift Caddie began from a conversation between a techie college student and her mother when they realized that they needed a better way to give each other meaningful gifts. Since this is a universal problem for many people, they decided to see if they could find a solution. 

So, how does this program work? Basically, you search through millions of products from all over the Web. When you find what you want, just drag and drop it into your shopping bag. This creates your own personal gift caddie that is filled with images of the items you would like to request. You can even ask for cash or customize your gifts if that is your preference. Your gift wish list includes images, price, product descriptions, and where to buy. You then share your gift caddie with friends and family via an e-mail invitation and they can scroll through your visual display of gift requests. You can even post your gift caddie on Facebook! Gift Caddie accesses all major brands and their Web sites so friends and family get the best prices. Use Gift Caddie for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas, and any other holiday that requires gift giving!

So, what sort of eco-friendly gift ideas did Gift Caddie come up with for me? Here is a screen shot of my caddie:

The website is very easy to use. Just create your free account and click on the ‘add item’ button. It will bring up a search box for you to enter your item search into. Organic sheets, bamboo coasters, and all sorts of eco-friendly gift ideas pop up. Just scroll through the search results until you find what you want and then drag and drop it into your gift caddie. A very well designed and simple to use system of creating your green wish list!

With Mother’s Day and graduation events coming up in the next couple of months, this is a great way to ensure that you or your loved one receive the perfect gift! Put together the list of things you would love to have and share it with others quickly and easily!

For more information about Gift Caddie, you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Love this idea! My husband always wants things from obscure websites he finds and this would be a great way to share those things with family…


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