Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons

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A few months ago I went on a bit of a thrift store shopping spree and found a package of about 30 metal spoons for only $3. Who could resist such a deal, right? I could stop worrying about my kids losing the spoons I put in their lunchbox and have plenty of them left over for a few spoon crafts. I decided that with spring coming I would make these DIY garden markers spoons to keep track of the things I plant in the garden. I have a horrible memory and I find that those little plastic markers that come in the pots from the nursery always seem to get eaten by the dog or lost in the dirt! Hopefully, these DIY garden markers spoons will last longer and the dog won’t decide to run off with them! If you are as forgetful a gardener as I am, these garden markers spoons may be just the thing you need in your own garden!

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Garden Markers Spoons Craft 4Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons


metal spoons
old towel
indoor/outdoor craft paint
paint brushes
Qtips or multi colored paint pens
paper cups to use as spoon holders while paint dries
black paint marker or broad tipped permanent marker
outdoor ModPodge



Lay the towel down on the driveway or sidewalk

Lay your metal spoon rounded side up on the towel

Garden Markers Spoons Craft 1

Fold part of the towel over the spoon

Pound the spoon with the hammer until flat. You may have to flip it over a few times to get it completely flat

Lay the spoons on the newspaper and paint each one the desired color. You will probably need 2 to 3 coats. Let it dry between coats by laying it on a paper cup or poking the spoon into the cup as shown below.

Garden Markers Spoons Crafts 2

Use the black paint pen or permanent marker to write the name of each plant on your spoon.

Use the Qtips or paint pens to make paint polka dots on the spoons. I found that the paint pens made a much cleaner ‘dot’ than Qtips

Apply a coat of Modpodge as directed on container

Let set 24 hours before placing in garden.

Garden Markers Spoons Crafts 5

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  1. How cute are these!? Pinning so that I can make some of these later this year.
  2. These are so cute! I will have to pin them for later.
  3. Great post, I had made some using metal stamps to stamp the words on but I find the letters are a bit small, this is a great way to combat that. Thanks again, Joy
    • I saw projects like this with metal stamps but was too lazy and cheap to go buy them :) Glad these inspired you!
  4. Love this! It seems like the plastic labels that come with my plants always break. Do you bring them inside in the winter?
  5. These are so cute! I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing.
  6. i like them they are so cute !will definitely make mine later this year.Thank you very much.

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