Eco-friendly or Eco-crazy? Where Do You Draw the Line?

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Where do you draw the line when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint? I like to think that I am an environmentally friendly sort of girl. I buy organic produce, support my local farmers, recycle and compost. I have a garden and put my kids’ lunches in reusable containers. I can consider myself green, right? Mmmmm…maybe and maybe not. All depends on who you ask. I am part of a number of groups both online and in real life that are focused on living an environmentally friendly lifestyle and I have to say that sometimes I feel like I am just not doing anywhere near enough to help save our planet and protect the health of my family.

Eco-friendly or Eco-crazy? Where Do You Draw the Line?

Eco friendly or eco crazy? Where do you draw the line?

What I would like you to think about today is this:  Where does your comfort level lie?  What works for you and what is too extreme? Where do you draw the line when it comes to green living? Everyone’s limit is different and no one should be made to feel bad about what they CAN’T do…they should be applauded for what they DO accomplish! I refuse to buy second hand shoes. So, that is my limit on that subject. Second hand clothes are fine. Wearing someone else’s shoes icks me out. Lets look at a few more things that fall outside MY level of comfort. I would love to know where YOU stand on these issues!

Eco friendly or eco crazy? Where do you draw the line?

1. Reusable Toilet Wipes:  I just don’t think I can go here. There is a lot of peeing that goes on in this house. We drink a lot of water, hence we pee. Frequently. The amount of laundry this would create (in my opinion) would negate any an all benefit to the environment. Instead, I buy recycled toilet paper and try to only use what is needed. That will have to be good enough.

2. Reusable Condoms:  Yes, this really does exist and no I will not be washing and reusing condoms any time soon. Trojan X-Effect Everlast condoms are made from an industrial-strength, Teflon-reinforced latex and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. I do not see me EVER choosing to wash these things out after each use.

3. Giving up your car:  While this might work if you live in a city where public transportation is plentiful or you are within walking distance of the grocery store, here in the burbs it isn’t  going to happen. Of course there are people who refuse to sign their children up for any activity that would require they be driven to it but I sort of feel like that isn’t really fair to the kids. Cutting down on driving is a good thing but I don’t see me piling all my groceries on my bicycle any time soon.

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4. Skip your morning coffee: People who try to live on only what they can obtain locally are out of luck when it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee. Unless you live in Hawaii, South America, or some other country that actually grows coffee. ‘Local’ means different things for different people but 250 miles is usually the limit. Since there is no coffee, tea, cinnamon or many other things grown that close to home I try and buy organic when I can but I am not giving up that morning caffeine kick.

Eco friendly or eco crazy? Where do you draw the line?

5. Giving up soap:  Yes, there is a select group of people who have chosen to give up soap, shampoo, and other cleaning materials. The No-Soap Challenge is supposed to show people just how unnecessary it is to wash ourselves. They allow you to rinse with water. That’s it. There are people who have lived like this for YEARS. I cannot fathom such a thing. I choose to use natural or organic whenever possible but I am scrubbing myself on a near daily basis.

There are a TON of green living ideas that I come across that make me just think…uh, NO! But some people may be totally okay with it, right? I find it interesting to hear where each person’s comfort level lies. Where is yours? Where do you draw the line when it comes to your personal carbon footprint? Do you do anything that others might consider ‘extreme’ to help the environment?

Where do you draw the line?

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4 thoughts on “Eco-friendly or Eco-crazy? Where Do You Draw the Line?”

  1. Menstrual cups are life changing!
    Ear pickers, replace qtips.
    Hand held Bidet does not need electricity.
    Washcloths instead of disposable shower sponges.
    Reusable divided plastic plates for parties.
    Tablecloths instead of plastic covers

  2. I honestly couldn’t do any of these (and would have a hard time trusting the condoms!) clothes are great second-hand but shoes are so important for alignment that you should be getting a good pair and not using one that someone else has already “molded” into. I buy organic fair-trade coffee and hope the label is doing its job. Diesel car (not the best but maybe a little better). No way to reusable t.p. in our house but yes to cloth napkins (and cloth diapers for the babies). I think if we all just do the best we can then it will make a difference, even if small.

    • I agree that baby steps are the most important thing. I get annoyed by people who say that someone ‘isn’t green enough’. It can be frustrating. Every little step someone can take to help our environment is a step in the right direction. And a big NO to reusable TP in my house too!


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