Electronics Recycling Tips for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

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We live in a digital world. Kids are getting cell phones at a younger and  younger age. Homes usually have multiple computers and televisions that need to be replaced and updated frequently. People are attached not only to one cell phone but often two if they have separate work and personal phones. Our books are no longer made of paper but are read on iPads and Kindles. All of these electronic devices become out of date or broken very quickly but what do you do with them when they are no longer useful? Unless every single one of us gets serious about electronics recycling we will soon have landfills overflowing with e-waste. And once that e-waste starts to break down in the landfill, toxic chemicals will begin leaching into our soil and ground water. If you have a few unwanted electronic devices in your home that need to be disposed of, here are a few electronics recycling tips that may come in handy.

Electronics Recycling Tips

Electronics Recycling Tips

  1. Always erase your data before you sell or recycle your old devices. The easiest way is to run a Google search for the “factory reset” option for your device, then follow the instructions. This is usually enough to protect your privacy but serious hackers and techies can still recover it. If you are recycling a computer your best bet is to remove the hard drive and keep it in storage while you recycle the rest of the computer.
  2. Make sure your electronics recycler is certified by an independent third party that they meet current standards on responsible recycling practices. It would be sad if you went through all the work of recycling your electronics only to have them end up in the landfill anyhow.
  3. For your computer or laptop, consider upgrading the hardware or software instead of buying a brand new product. Just spending a little bit of money on memory and a thorough cleanup may be more than enough to get your computer running quickly and efficiently.
  4. Remove any batteries from your electronics, they may need to be recycled separately.
  5. Consider donating your cell phones, iPad or computer instead of looking into electronics recycling. Many charitable organizations would love the donation and you get a tax write off at the same time!

EcoATM-logoEarn Cash with ecoATM Electronics Recycling

ecoATM has approximately 900 kiosks  located in shopping malls and select retailers nationwide. They help you recycle electronics like mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players . They help to keep your electronics out of landfills or from cluttering up your desk drawers. Even better? They provide instant cash payments as an incentive to recycle.

The great thing about ecoATM is that they accept devices no matter how old they are or what condition they are in. They use a worldwide auction system to offer you a competitive price for your device, depending upon condition and age. This can be as high as a few hundred dollars for newer smartphones. Some very old phones may not be worth anything, but with  ecoATM you can rest assured knowing that they will be responsibly recycled. They are able to find a second life for 75 percent of devices collected! That is a lot of e-waste diverted from landfills!


To date,  ecoATM has recycled more than 500,000 pounds of devices in its four-year history—that includes more than 2 million individual devices, 70,000 pounds of copper and over 1,500 pounds of silver. Just think…without ecoATM’s electronics recycling efforts all of that waste would be sitting in landfills or cluttering up homes!

 How does it work? Very simple!

  • First, find an ecoATM location near you.
  • Place your device in the ecoATM test station.
  • The ecoATM will examine your device and then search for the highest price they can find in their network of buyers. The kiosk prices each individual device based on model, condition and the current value on the market.
  • If you agree to sell it, you will receive cash on the spot.
  • Go spend your money, knowing that you have helped reduce your electronic carbon footprint!

Electronics recycling is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and ecoATM lets you earn money at the same time! Follow ecoATM on Facebook for updates!

How much e-waste do YOU have lying around?


  1. I never knew they offered kiosks like this! I have so many old phones lying around, it's not even funny!
  2. Wow--I hadn't heard of this before--what a great idea--thanks for sharing--if we all do a little bit it will make a big difference!
  3. These are great ideas. They definitely shouldn't be thrown away.
  4. I read this post the other day and wanted to come back and let you know I tried one of these and it was so neat! We have one in a mall near us and my hubby and I just got new phones, so we recycled the old ones. Thanks!
  5. What a great idea, I have a few old cell phones sitting in the drawer myself.
  6. Good tip to make sure your recycler is really going to get your goodies to a place where they'll be recycled. I hadn't thought of it until now, but that's easy enough to do, and smart too.

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