Exotic ice cream flavors from Magnolia

Are you looking for a few exotic ice cream flavors? Ice cream is one of my favorite indulgences. No matter how full you are after a meal there is always room for ice cream because it just melts and fills in all the nooks and crannies in your belly! I get a little tired of the traditional ice cream flavors…there are only so many times that I want to eat chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, right? Sometimes I go with something decadent that is filled with chocolate, caramel or nuts but I also like to experiment with new ice cream flavors every once in a while. Well, I was sent a wonderful selection of Magnolia ice cream flavors from Ramar Foods to try out and I can honestly say that most of these ice cream flavors I have never even heard of, much less tried! If you aren’t familiar with Magnolia ice cream, here is some information about them from the Ramar Foods website:

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With the growing Asian market in California and the United States, it was clear that there was an increasing demand for high quality, authentic, ethnic foods. From there, the idea was to take the exotic fruit flavors of the Philippines and Asia and turn them into a premium ice cream. Thus, Magnolia Ice Cream was born in America.

Exotic ice cream flavors from Magnolia

So, what exactly is Magnolia ice cream? MagnoliaTM Tropical Ice Cream is a premium ice cream made with fruit purees from the Philippines and milk from California. There are 16 tropical flavors to choose from and occasional seasonal flavors as well. It comes as pints of ice cream or you can choose to get their Milk Bars. There are 5 flavors of Magnolia milk bars (Azuki Red Bean, Halo Halo, Ube & Red Bean, Coconut, Mango and Thai Tea) and they contain only half the fat of of the regular ice cream. So, what sort of unique flavors does Magnolia ice cream come in? You can indulge in such flavors as refreshing Lychee, Coconut, Mango, Avocado, Thai Tea and Ube (purple yams) as well as many other great flavors. Magnolia ice cream  pints contain up to 30% fresh fruit puree made with fruit straight from family farms in the Philippines. They retail here in the U.S for approximately $4.99 per pint and are available in several major markets including New York, Texas, and California.avocado ice cream

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Magnolia Ice Cream Review

For my review, I received a wonderful selection of both Magnolia ice cream pints as well as the milk bars. I admit, I was a little hesitant about trying a couple of them! Sure, mango and coconut are right up my alley but thai tea and avocado? Hmm….not so sure! I was really pleasantly surprised with most of the flavors, however. All of them are very creamy and some of them are loaded with bits of things as well!

magnolia ice cream

My all time favorite was probably the coconut. This ice cream was the perfect blend of creamy richness with tons of coconut pieces in it as well. There was more coconut in this ice cream than I honestly have ever seen in an ice cream before. It disappeared incredibly fast and I had to fight my children for it! Mango was my daughter’s favorite and it was really delicious. Very fruity and enjoyable.

exotic ice cream flavors

Magnolia ice cream


I was pleasantly surprised with the thai tea flavor. You can really taste the flavor of the tea…sort of warm and earthy to balance out the cold and creamy ice cream. It was really enjoyable and even the kids liked it. I am glad they are so happy to play guinea pig for my reviews!

Some of the flavors I honestly had no idea what to expect! I have never heard of lychee fruit so had no clue what that variety would taste like. Honestly, I can’t really explain it to you! I was tasty..mildly fruity and sweet with small bits of fruit in it. I am assuming it tastes like lychee but since I don’t know what one tastes like I can’t say for sure. It was really good, though…I could certainly eat a bowl (or TWO) of this on a hot day!

ube ice cream

There were a few flavors that I was a little hesitant to try! Avocado is not normally a flavor I associate with ice cream and I wasn’t too sure about Ube, either…that is a sweet purple yam ice cream for those of you who haven’t heard of it! I must admit, I don’t think I cared for the Avocado that much. Not that it tasted BAD, but it almost didn’t seem as sweet as the others for some reason. Despite my hesitations about Ube ice cream, though, it was actually delicious. It had almost a nutty flavor to it that reminded me of coconut for some reason. Very smooth and rich. And, of course, since it was purple my daughter was a big fan!

ice cream bars


Magnolia milk bars

I was also sent a selection of the Magnolia milk bars. These ice cream bars come 5 to a box and the flavors taste very similar to the ones in the pints. I think the coconut milk bar had even MORE coconut which I though was delicious! The mango milk bars had some nice chunks in it as well and was a bit hit with the family. I didn’t care for the addition of the red beans into the Ube flavor, though. I though the texture of the beans was a tad bit odd. It was that same texture that had me avoiding the azuki red bean milk bars. The flavor itself was very good! But, the beans gave it a texture I didn’t really care for. I think blending the beans into the bar as a puree would have been preferable for me, personally.


Overall, I a very impressed with this line of ice cream. The ice cream itself is incredibly rich and the flavors are truly exotic. If you are looking for something more exciting than strawberry or vanilla, I really recommend you check out Magnolia ice cream. This would make a great dinner party desert if you served it in a fancy bowl with an cookie! Or, just hand it to your kids and let them be wowed by purple ice cream!


If you would like to learn more about Magnolia ice cream, check out Ramar Foods on Facebook!



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