Tips for Comfortable Gardening Your Body Will Thank You For

Gardening is serious exercise. It can be physically demanding on the body as well as hot, itchy, and not always fun.  Prevent painful injuries by investing in the right supplies and following a few of these comfortable gardening tips.  Your body with thank you for it, I promise!

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Gardening Is Hard Work But Rewarding!

I spend a lot of time in my yard during the spring and summer tending to my garden. Between building the garden beds, tilling soil, putting in plants, nurturing them, and (hopefully!) harvesting my crop, I wish I got paid by the hour!

Growing a garden is a time consuming but enjoyable way  to get exercise and provide food for your family. However, it isn’t always easy or fun. It can be hot, sweaty, buggy, and downright irritating at times. However, if you persist, the rewards are great!

I have found, over the years, that there are many ways for me to conquer nature and the environment to make my time spent gardening a bit more enjoyable. I thought I would share a few gardening tips to help ease the aches and pains that come with growing your own food.

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Gardening Supplies for Comfortable Gardening

Kneeling in the dirt isn’t all that comfortable.  Bugs, hot sun, and garden chemicals can create even more garden injuries.  But, there are a few solutions! Here are a few gardening supplies that you should make sure to have on hand for a more enjoyable gardening experience!

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Invest in comfortable garden shoes:  

I cannot stress enough how horrible wet sneakers feel! Honestly, it is gross to feel feet squishing around in wet socks when you have accidentally watered your feet instead of the peppers.

Flip-flops dry quickly but then you end  up with dirty feet that have probably been bitten by fire ants (at least if you live in the south). Get a pair of Sloggers garden clogs that are sturdy enough to step on shovels but are also waterproof.

woman spraying herself with bug spray outdoors

Wear Insect repellent:  

You would be amazed at how many mosquitoes absolutely love a nice, healthy garden. And the times when you should be watering (early AM and late evening) are the most active for mosquitoes, too.

I prefer a bug spray that is based on citronella, lemon grass, eucalyptus,  and other natural oils rather than the chemical sprays and have found them to be very effective. Check out Sky Organics Organic Bug Spray for a natural option. 

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Don’t forget the Sunscreen:  

If you are not as fair skinned as I am you might not have to worry about this one. However, I go out to spend an hour in my gardens pulling weeds and end up burnt every single time.

If you are going to be out in the middle of the day, consider putting on sun screen to protect yourself from a very uncomfortable burn. This is one of those garden supplies that really could save your life in the long run. Too much sun is not good for your heath and may lead to skin cancer later in life. Consider using an all natural waterproof sunscreen since you will sweat a LOT! 

garden hat and fresh tulips

Buy a functional garden hat:  

By ‘functional hat’ I mean something that is going to provide some shade for both your face and your neck. Sunscreen is great but when you are sitting under direct sun pulling weeds keeping the sun off your skin completely is even better. 

Look for a hat that is made of a lightweight, quick dry fabric that blocks the sun and absorbs heat to help you feel cooler. You want the brim of the hat to be super wide to protect your face from sunburn. In addition, a neck flap that is long enough to reach the back of your shirt is helpful, too. 

Gardener woman planting flowers in the garden at sunny morning

Don’t forget a garden kneeler:  

Kneeling on grass, dirt and rocks to pick veggies or pull weeds can be really hard on your knees! Buy a foam garden pad to put down on the ground to protect your knees from dirt, bugs and damp grass!

Man working in the garden


Wear comfortable gardening clothes:  

While you don’t have to look like some sexy fashionista while you are gardening, it is possible to find clothes that are both attractive AND comfortable to make your time in the garden more enjoyable. 

Denim is not breathable and too tight collars and armpits get really annoying when you start getting sweaty!  Choose quick dry shorts and something loose enough to allow you room to bend and stretch. 

man with back pain and garden shovel with text overlay 'How to take the DISCOMFORT out of gardening'

Garden in Comfort and Stay Pain Free!

Prevent painful injuries by staying in shape and treating gardening like the workout that it really is. Whether you are tending to a small vegetable garden on your patio or tilling a large bed before planting garlic in the fall, it can all be  hard on the body. 

Make sure to buy the right supplies to garden in comfort this summer and take each day and each chore carefully.   Check out the National Garden Bureau for information about adaptive gardening. 

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