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In my pre kids life I worked doing medical research in both an academic and hospital setting. When I got pregnant with my first child I was working at Texas Children’s Hospital and every week I saw children who were coming to the facility to be treated for a range of horrible illnesses. I began to wonder if ALL kids were afflicted with one problem or another since there seemed to be so many of them at the hospital. I worried for the health of my unborn child right up until he was born and the doctor gave him a clean bill of health. There are so many illnesses that can affect human beings that we have no control over. Sure, we can watch our weight, exercise and eat healthy but that doesn’t mean we won’t be diagnosed with an illness. Some days, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and pray that our loved ones stay healthy. There is a little bit of hope, however! Nowadays, science has advanced to the point that genetic testing allows us to get a glimpse into certain factors that can effect our own health, as well as that of our future children.

genetic testing from 23andMe

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Simple Genetic Testing from 23andMe

Every single person’s DNA controls a huge array of factors that include things as simple as hair and eye color or something as serious as a genetic disease. Without understanding our DNA we may not have the full picture when it comes to our health and that of any children we may have. There is an easy way to get a closer look at our DNA with 23andMe genetic testing. How does this service work? Don’t worry, there is no need to even go to a laboratory to get a glimpse inside your DNA. Just order the kit from the 23andMe website and when it arrives, register your kit information online. Then, you just provide a small sample of saliva in a special collection tube (in other words, just spit in the cup!) and send the sample back for analysis. You will have your results in about 6 to 8 weeks. Not only can this genetic testing provide you with a more in depth look at your basic health but it can also provide you with insights into your ancestry and genealogy as well.

genetic testing

Knowing what type of genetic markers you carry can influence a lot of choices in your life. You may want to discuss lifestyle changes with your doctor that can help keep you healthy. Genetic testing may help you make decisions in regards to family planning as well. 23andMe can provide reports on over 240 health conditions and  traits as well as over 40 different inherited diseases. And don’t worry….23andMe takes your privacy VERY seriously! You can use a pseudonym for testing if you want and none of your information will be given to outside parties unless required by law or you give your written permission.

If you are curious about your ancestry or worried about what your DNA might be hiding in terms of  your health I recommend you research genetic testing.

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6 thoughts on “Genetic Testing Made Easy with 23andMe (#23andMeGenetics #sponsored )”

  1. I think this has both positive and negative aspects…
    While it’s awesome to know you’re predisposed to certain health risks based on DNA, I think having the knowledge may prevent some people from doing XYZ based on fear… Knowledge is always power. But acting (or not) out of fear of what ‘might be’ can mean missing out on a lot of fun life experience. I’m kind of torn of this one

    • true, with knowledge may come uncertainty. While it can be helpful in some cases I understand the hesitancy people feel too.

  2. This sounds really cool and I am surprised that it is so easy and relatively inexpensive. I always thought that tests that give you this kind of information cost thousands of dollars. $99 is totally reasonable for me to find out about my ancestry.

  3. I can definitely see the benefits to this, it’s amazing how far technology with medicine has come. The only thing I would worry about is if by some small chance it got mixed up. I think I would personally rather do it in a lab if I were ever in this situation, but this is great for people who may not have the work hours to get to a lab.


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