Giving Chocolate Gifts? 5 Reasons to Choose Artisan Chocolates.

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As we approach Christmas, people scramble madly about looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family.  Lines are long, tempers are short, and many people are losing their festive holiday spirit.  At times like this, it’s time to step back.  Rethink the extra long to do list. Think of small, meaningful gifts that will make your mom, friend, or sister smile.  Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how flashy a gift is, but the thought behind it.  Are you considering chocolate gifts this holiday season? Look for artisan chocolates like the ones from Lucy Meifield.

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Lucy Meifield chocolate

What is Artisan Chocolate?

While there are a lot of fancy French definitions online about artisan chocolate, the real meaning is rather simple. Artisan chocolate is made by hand, in small batches, as opposed to chocolate that is mass produced. These high quality chocolates generally use all natural ingredients. They also have a much richer flavor than mass produced chocolate. They make spectacular chocolate gifts for people who truly LOVE high quality chocolate!

Artisan Chocolate Gifts

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5 Reasons to Give Artisan Chocolate Gifts

If you are scrolling the internet (or browsing your local stores), you may wonder if artisan chocolate gifts are worth the extra money. I recently enjoyed the delicious flavor of Lucy Meifield chocolate.  After that experience, I can honestly say that yes, they ARE worth the money! Here are a few reasons why I highly recommend the bean to bar chocolate from Lucy Meifield:

  • Exquisite taste The difference between mass produced chocolate and artisan chocolate is huge. It’s like comparing a local, craft beer to the watered down stuff that college kids drink. There is no comparison.
  • Simple Ingredients Most artisan chocolate is made from very few ingredients. Lucy Meifield chocolate is free from soy lecithin, artificial flavors, vegetable oils, preservatives and other unnecessary additives. They use cacao and non GMO cane sugar. Their milk chocolate also contains milk powder and cocoa butter. Nothing in there but deliciously simple ingredients!
  • The Health Factor There are many studies that show the health benefits of chocolate. But, that means, REAL chocolate, usually those with a high cocoa percentage. Dark artisan chocolates contain about 70% or more of real cocoa. That is the type of chocolate that will have the most benefits for your health.
  • Supporting Small Business I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses whenever possible. Rather than supporting huge conglomerations, your shopping dollars can be better spent supporting small batch chocolate makers. Artisan chocolate gifts are a great way to shop small!
  • Better for the Planet and its’ People Most small chocolate bars have a smaller carbon footprint than their mass produced counterparts. Lucy Meifield is a bean-to-bar chocolate. That means the beans are purchased directly from the farmer and every step happens in one place. Many small batch chocolate companies give back to the community or the planet. 

Bean to Bar Chocolate

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More About Lucy Meifield Chocolate

Lucy Meifield is the collaboration of a husband and wife team, who both have years of experience working with chocolate.  They own a coffee shop and bakery in New York where they produce their delicious chocolate.  They only produce single origin chocolate, created simply with few ingredients.  Each bar is wrapped in the work of an artist they love and you can learn more about the artists on their website.  

Head over to the Lucy Meifield website to learn more or follow them on Facebook 

Will you be giving artisan chocolate gifts this year?


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Giving Chocolate Gifts? 5 Reasons to Choose Artisan Chocolates.


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