Glamping: What is it and where should you go?

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When I was in college at the University of New Hampshire, I joined the Outing Club. I had never been camping a day in my life but it sounded like fun. I had a blast exploring the White Mountains over the next few years. These were some serious outdoors type people; we would hike 8 miles into the woods just to get to a tent platform, and we had to carry our own water, and pack out our trash. Then there was that 3 AM incident with the bear…. Fun, yes, but also very challenging. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that while I enjoy nature, my back doesn’t do so well sleeping on the hard ground any more! Have you discovered the same thing? This is where a new trend in vacationing, called glamping, comes in!

Glamping: What is it and where should you go?

Glamping: What is it and where should you go?

What exactly is glamping? It is a new kind of travel, defined as “glamorous camping.” Glamping is a way to get you out into nature with all the luxury accommodations you secretly crave. This new type of adventure allows you to experience the beauty of the outdoors while pampering all of your senses at the same time. No getting rained on in a leaky tent, no sleeping on the ground with a tree root in your back, and no terrifying 3 AM wakeup calls from misguided bears! Just you, nature, and some luxury accommodations!

Glamping: What is it and where should you go?

What sort of luxury accommodations can you expect when you head out on your glamping trip? Depending on the sort of trip you choose, you may stay in a cabin, hut, or a tent. Glamping tents, however, are not like those little pop-up tents you slept in as a kid, they can have electricity, double beds, and even appliances! You can fit your whole family in there without rolling over on each other all night!

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Glamping: What is it and where should you go?

There is plenty of time to explore nature when you go glamping since you won’t be hauling your own water or washing your camping dishes in a collapsible bucket of cold water. Outdoor adventures may include hiking, river rafting, safaris, zip lining, and a number of creative pastimes. The best part of your outdoor adventure when you go glamping is that someone else will be packing the food and supplies while you sit back and enjoy the ride!

If glamping sounds like an experience you would enjoy for your next vacation you may want to check out The Ranch at Rock Creek . The Ranch at Rock Creek is a luxury ranch resort in Philipsburg, Montana that offers you a complete western adventure combined with amazing amenities. You can go fly-fishing at sunrise, enjoy a relaxing massage, go horseback riding, and eat some world-class, regionally inspired food! It is a wonderful balance between outdoor adventure and luxury accommodations!

Glamping: What is it and where should you go?

Depending on your activity level and your personal love of the outdoors, you will find an amazing number of activities at The Ranch at Rock Creek to keep you busy. Enjoy a peaceful outdoor yoga session, mountain biking, wildlife viewing and many other back to nature experiences. When you need to get back inside you can enjoy some fine dining, a spa experience or a little bit of privacy in your own log home. It is a wonderful choice for a getaway for a 4th of July family reunion, a Mother’s Day experience, or any other special event you may be planning.

If you would like to learn more about glamping and the amenities provided by The Ranch at Rock Creek you can follow them on Twitter. They were one of the first glamping luxury accommodations and recently received the Forbes 5-star Travel Guide award . Kate Bosworth’s celebrity wedding was even held there!

Have you ever gone glamping? What sort of amenities do YOU look for?



  1. I never have but it certainly sounds like something I need to do!

  2. What a beautiful place! I love camping and glamping… each has its time and place in my life. Really, I’ll take any excuse to spend time away from home = )

  3. I love glamping! I’m thinking of planning a trip in August to VA. There has to be a pool and I like it quiet. I live in the city so I hear enough noise when I’m home and at work. Happy Friday!

  4. THIS is my kind of camping!! woot!! my husband thinks i’m crazy. i think “awesome” and “smart”

  5. Jennifer H says

    Now that’s my kind of camping!!! 🙂

  6. Goodness the photos are beautiful. Glamping does sound fun especially the older I get. It looks divine and the only thing I would really want besides everything you mention would be smokes! Camping and smores go hand in hand!

  7. Now THAT sounds like a camping trip I would actually enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

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