Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

With the heat of summer in full force and lots of regular rainfall, our grass is growing incredibly fast. I have started looking for a few grass cutting tips to keep our lawn as healthy as possible. Without a healthy lawn, the constant downpours cause erosion in my backyard. The grass also keeps the dog from tracking in dirt regularly so proper lawn care is essential. I don’t like to add a lot of chemicals to my lawn and always look for natural lawn care tips first to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. If you are passionate about having healthy grass beneath your bare feet, here are a few grass cutting tips that may help!

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Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

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Grass Cutting Tips for a Healthy Lawn

While I am a big believer in ditching as much grass as you can in the backyard, a healthy lawn comes in handy when you have kids and dogs. Here are a few simple lawn maintenance tips to help you keep your grass healthy even in the heat of summer!

Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

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Don’t cut it too short

Avoid scalping your grass, which is when you cut it too short. A scalped lawn is more susceptible to disease and weed infestation. Your lawn will end up rather thin, exposing the soil to heavy rains which can cause erosion. Cutting your grass too short week after week will eventually cause it to grow a too shallow root system that leaves it weak, especially in hot, dry weather. (Healthy Lawn Care Tip: Leave your grass longer in the summer and cut it shorter as winter approaches.) Stick to the 1/3 rule — never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time.

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Keep your mower blade sharp

Don’t cut your grass with a dull lawnmower blade. A sharp blade will cut the grass cleanly. A dull blade tears the grass rather than cutting it. This leaves behind jagged edges that are susceptible to disease. You should sharpen your lawn mower blade at the start of every spring. Avoid mowing over things like large pinecones and sticks to keep it sharp as long as possible. Invest in a lawn mower blade sharpener and save yourself money instead of paying someone to do it! Invest in a book on lawn mower maintenance as well.

Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

Leave Shady Spots Longer

I have seen a lot of grass cutting tips over the years but this one was new to me. Did you know that shady areas should be left longer than sunny spots? Grass growing in shady spots needs a larger surface area for photosynthesis to occur in. So, if your lawn is particularly shady, you may consider leaving it a bit longer.

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Don’t Mow the Lawn Wet

Mowing the lawn when it is wet isn’t necessarily BAD but it isn’t ideal, either. Wet grass clumps and ends up in piles all over your lawn. If you leave those piles behind, you will end up with dead spots in your otherwise healthy lawn. If your grass clippings are ending up in clumps on your lawn, you should bag them and toss them in the compost bin.

Know the Best Time to Mow

What is the best time of day to mow your lawn? Never mow during the heat of the day! If you mow when it is really hot, your grass loses more water and recovers much more slowly than if you mow during the cooler part of the day.

Grass Cutting Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn

Leave the clippings behind

Did you know that leaving the clippings on your lawn is called grasscycling? I had never heard that word before! Don’t bag your grass clippings but instead just leave them where they fall. They will eventually degrade and the nutrients will end up back in the soil to feed your lawn naturally. Only do this if your grass is not too long or wet!

Choose a New Direction Occasionally

Every time you mow your lawn, change the direction you mow it. This will help control coarse grasses and create a surface that is even.


A healthy lawn can be yours if you follow a few of these grass cutting tips! Use a natural lawn fertilizer to help feed your grass and then take off your flip flops and indulge in your green and healthy grass! Check out our reel mower experience and get a few staggering lawn mower facts that may encourage you to ditch the gas powered mowers completely. If weeds are a problem, check out the DIY Network for tips on how to have a weed free lawn.

Have any other lawn care tips that you want to share?

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