Green Energy For Homes: Because There Is No Planet B

This post about green energy for homes is sponsored by WOR HQ LTD, however, all opinions are my own.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you are probably familiar with all the ways I am trying to go green.  Gardening, recycling, composting, and being mindful of the things I purchase are easy ways to go green.  You know what isn’t always easy to do? Figuring out how we can use renewable energy at home for our electric needs.  Many people don’t have access to alternative power sources for home electricity.  And since our homes are energy hogs, that makes our carbon footprint pretty huge.  If you are looking for green energy at home, I am sharing some info here about WOR HQ LTD and their green energy products.  

How to Find Green Energy For Homes

What is green energy exactly?

Basically, green energy is power that is produced from natural sources that produces little or no greenhouse gases as it is created.  Whether you install a home wind turbine in the back yard or hook up to a power grid that runs on solar energy produced by your power company, you are using green energy.  

Figuring out how to generate your own electricity at home is tough.  I have a ton of trees in my yard and solar panels on the roof just won’t work.  I have no access to creative fuel sources like hydro-electric power or geothermal energy.  But, I still want to support green energy for homes.  Because climate change IS REAL and we have no backup plan if we ruin this planet! 

THere is no planet b

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Finding Renewable Energy For Your Home

So, what is a homeowner to do?  You want to reduce your carbon footprint.  You do NOT want to create homemade renewable energy devices like human powered washing machines or pedal powered generators.  Yes, those are actual options if you are feeling ambitious!  

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Instead of pedal powered lamps and kid powered clean clothes, look to something called RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to support renewable energy companies in your area.  Watch the video below to learn what RECs are and how they help you support green energy for homes in your state.

What Are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Well, if you don’t feel like watching the video, I will give you a quick two sentence summary on RECs.  Basically, RECs represent the energy generated by renewable energy sources, usually solar or wind power facilities.   It is in-tangible proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a green energy source.  

In an ideal world, I’d have my own wind farm as part of my backyard landscaping and solar panels on the roof. But, that just isn’t going to happen.  By purchasing RECs, you are supporting clean energy rather than fossil fuel-powered electric generation.   And we ALL need to be cutting our reliance on fossil fuels.  Because if we mess up this ONE PLANET that we have, we are out of luck.  Nowhere left to go…. 

Wind Turbines in Field creating green energy

WOR HQ LTD Offers 100% Green Residential Electricity

So, how can you invest in green energy and say ‘no thanks’ to the fossil fuel industry?  WOR HQ LTD provides 100% GREEN residential electricity.  How?  They purchase REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) on your household’s behalf!  You can rest assured that the power your home uses through them comes from a clean energy source. 

WOR HQ LTD offers people GREEN POWER in their homes. That way,  one household at a time, they are building a movement. One that shifts the balance to green renewable energy sources on the only planet we have to live on at the moment. 

people, charity, family and home concept - close up of woman and girl holding green paper house cutout in cupped hands

The effects of climate change are all around us.  However, making a switch to green energy for homes can be a small step in reducing our carbon footprint and making a real difference.   Our KIDS deserve a clean planet.  But, it’s the adults who have to provide it for them.  So, head over to WOR HQ LTD and check out their renewable energy options.  If they don’t currently operate in your state, sign up for their mailing list to be informed of new service locations.  And BE THE CHANGE you want to see in this world!


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