Healthy Eating Made Easy With Yopa!

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I like to think that I take fairly good care of myself most days but to be honest, it is something I have to work at. Healthy eating and exercise are important in order to stay in good shape but some days, life gets in the way. There are days that I am running errands for several hours or sitting around watching my kid’s tennis match. Times like these, it is easy to forget about healthy eating and instead grab junk food to make it through the days. However, when I do that I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel. I run low on energy, get irritable and my stomach gets all out of sorts. I recently received some coupons to try out Yopa! Greek Yogurt and it honestly makes healthy eating tasty and convenient!

Yopa for healthy eating

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Yopa! Greek Yogurt contains no fat and has twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt. It contains no preservatives and they use natural, plant-based pectin and gums to thicken it which makes it completely vegetarian. Yopa! is also Kosher, a great source of calcium and is loaded with probiotics. It is made in the Northeast USA and I love that they source their milk as close to their manufacturing plant as  possible. They’re committed to producing the best yogurt, with farm-fresh, regionally-sourced milk from dairies close to where they make it. I was thrilled to see that the milk they use comes from comes not treated with recombinant growth hormones (rBHT). This is something I look for in dairy products and am happy they have made this pledge!

healthy eating with yopa yogurt

Yopa! Greek Yogurt for Healthy Eating


What is so delicious about Yopa! is the combination of fresh fruit in the  yogurt and creative toppings that come in a tiny cup on top of the yogurt. They actually have a yogurt team that studies and tastes combinations of flavors so they can bring you the perfect taste combination. By pairing their Greek yogurt with nine whole grain granola, toasted Blue Diamond almonds or even dark chocolate, they created the ideal balance of yogurt, flavors and toppings. They call this concept “Balance Perfected.” What sort of flavor combinations have they come up with? Here are your choices:

  • Blueberries & Granola – real blueberries and nine whole grain granola
  • Strawberries & Granola – real strawberries and nine whole grain granola
  • Black Cherries & Granola – real black cherries and nine whole grain granola
  • Peach & Granola – real peaches and nine whole grain granola
  • Vanilla & Almonds – rich vanilla and toasted almonds
  • Vanilla & Chocolate – rich vanilla and dark chocolate chips

yopa for healthy eating

Yopa! Is the perfect balance!

I have found that Yopa! helps bring balance into my own life with the perfect combination of sweet and healthy. While the inner child in me is hollering at me to grab a couple of cookies as I run out the door for the carpool line, the healthy mom in me knows that this is not a good choice at all! Yopa! satisfies my need for something a tad bit sweet and slightly crunchy while still being a good for me snack. It is healthy eating disguised as dessert! A perfect balance! I am happy to eat it as a dessert for a meal or as part of a healthy snack. I found the vanilla with toasted almonds and the blueberry with granola in my grocery store. I thought the yogurt was thick and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The almonds gave it a nutty crunch that was very satisfying. Overall, a great snack, meal  on the go, or dessert, depending on the type of day you are having. I am going to be looking for the vanilla with chocolate chips…that sounds heavenly!

Yopa healthy eating challenge

Speaking of balance, gold medalist Gabby Douglas is an expert, and she’s challenging you to take the Yopa! Taste Challenge where you can win a variety of prizes, including $10,000! Just “like” Yopa! on Facebook for a chance to win and to grab a coupon for $.50 (or more!) off one cup of Yopa! Authentic Greek Yogurt.

Disclaimer: I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are mine and nine alone. 

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