Homemade candy….the project is finished!

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The project is finally complete for another year. This is the point in my candy making process that I don’t ever want to see another spec of chocolate ever again. 17 different kinds of candy, ranging from peanut brittle and caramels to truffles, bark and fudge. A little something for everyone!

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There are 2 layers in each box totalling just over a pound of candy each. 35 boxes plus a whole bunch left over to put on my trays with cookies (I start baking those tomorrow). I will be handing boxes out to friends, family, neighbors and teachers over the next few days. Some will be getting shipped out priority mail with a prayer that they get where they are going intact!
The candy key on the inside lets people know exactly what they are eating! I love making this candy every year but even more so…I love when I am FINISHED!!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Now, on to the cookies, the shopping, the wrapping…..


  1. Looks delish!!!

  2. I love baking this time of year (and only this time, haha!) Your candies look so darn cute! Great job!!! I was wondering if you get time and feel like looking a those recipes again would you mind posting your favs. I never know what to put in my tins, and always get so overwhelmed by all the new treats every year. Thank you! and again GREAT JOB!!

  3. check out my recipe tab! There are a few under that. I will post more next week as soon as I am done with the cookies, the shopping, the decorating…the list is long!

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