How to Avoid Heartburn and What to do When You Can’t

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I am a passionate foodie and love exploring new foods and flavors when I eat. Of course, those exotic foods and flavors don’t always agree with me! Many times I have gone out to eat with family or friends, only to come home and lay on the couch for an hour trying to recover from the experience!

Heartburn is caused by the digestive acids that are supposed to stay in your stomach instead backing up into your esophagus or throat. Those places aren’t equipped to deal with stomach acid and the result is that you HURT!

If you suffer from this condition and need heartburn relief,  here are a few tips on how to avoid heartburn. When these ideas don’t help, I am also sharing some information about Nexium 24HR, which may bring relief.

How to Avoid Heartburn

How to Avoid Heartburn and What to do When You Can't

Keep a food diary: 

Foods that cause heartburn vary for each person. Whether it is your peppermint tea (yes, peppermint can cause heartburn!), fresh onions or your morning coffee, you need to do a bit of research to figure out how to avoid heartburn causing foods in your diet. (even the best decaf coffee can often cause heartburn!)

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Eat Smarter: 

Eating smaller meals and avoiding foods that are very spicy might help. You also want to make sure that you don’t eat a big meal right before bed.

Rethink your medications: 

Many prescription and over the counter medications can cause heartburn. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask for alternatives to medications that you take regularly.

Rethink your wardrobe: 

Skinny jeans and tight belts might make heartburn symptoms worse. Loosen your clothes around your waste for better digestion and less pain.

How to Avoid Heartburn and What to do When You Can't

Change your sleep position:

Research has shown that changing from your right side to your left side decreases heartburn symptoms at night. You may also want to avoid sleeping on your back and try propping the head of your bed up a bit.

Quit smoking: 

Smoking causes many health problems but if you are trying to figure out how to avoid heartburn, quitting smoking may help.

Talk to Your Doctor: 

If you absolutely can’t get heartburn relief, talk to your doctor. A hiatal hernia is a common heartburn cause. If the muscle wall that separates the chest area from the abdomen becomes week, the stomach and esophagus may shift and cause frequent heartburn.

How to Avoid Heartburn and What to do When You Can't

Avoiding heartburn isn’t always easy and sometimes, no matter what you try it still flares up. What sort of heartburn treatment do you reach for when it hits?  Nexium 24HR Tablets might be just the solution you need. Just one Nexium® 24HR tablet per day, every day for 14 days – gives you the complete protection from frequent heartburn. It helps block the production of acid that causes painful heartburn. Learning how to avoid heartburn is the first step but when you can’t conquer your heartburn, Nexium 24HR Tablets may be a good choice. They are the number one doctor prescribed acid blocker and are available without a prescription.

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How to Avoid Heartburn and What to do When You Can't


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