Identity Theft is One Hassle I Could Live Without! #LifeLockProtect

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I like to think that I am very careful with my personal information. I work in the medical field so I know all about the importance of protecting personal information! I shred important documents, shop only on secure websites, and cut up old credit cards into miniscule little pieces. However, sometimes identity theft is completely out of our control. When a business disposes of our private information in an incorrect way, unscrupulous people can swoop in to steal it! Every time you give your personal information to a business, you are risking identity theft!


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I remember the day I learned that my identity had been stolen due to mishandling of personal information by a business. I used to live in Houston, Texas but had been living in Georgia for over three years when I received a mysterious phone call. Apparently, someone had opened a bank account in Texas with MY personal information and bounced a $300 check at a Houston Walmart! I was shocked! I had not lived in Houston for 3 years…how could there be a bank account with my name on it there?

The Hassle of Identity Theft

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In my case, a past employer, bank, or the DMV had neglected to dispose of my information correctly. Most businesses hold a person’s private information for a minimum of three years after an account is closed before disposing of it. My name, address, and driver’s license number were fraudulently used to open a new bank account. In this case, no matter how careful *I* was to protect my information from identity theft, I was still susceptible to criminals!

Thankfully, none of my actual money was involved in this scam but that doesn’t mean I could just ignore it! This type of identity theft can destroy a person’s credit rating and had to be dealt with. I had to file a police report, which included filling out a TON of paperwork. And since the crime happened in Texas and *I* lived in Georgia, I ended up shipping stacks of paperwork back and forth to the Houston police department. Identity theft is definitely a huge hassle that I hope I never have to deal with again!

Identity Theft Protection  #LifeLockProtect

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7 thoughts on “Identity Theft is One Hassle I Could Live Without! #LifeLockProtect”

  1. Being on the computer, cell phone, tablet etc constantly, I am very worried that identity theft could find me! Lifelock sound like a solution we all should be exploring

  2. We’ve had “minor” instances of people trying to use our checking account information – which is a pain enough! Having to go to the bank to get a new account number, get all new cards and checks, and notifying businesses who autodraft or deposit is a pain! But nothing compared to my friend whose entire identity was stolen. She dealt with that headache for years, literally!


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